Natural Skin Healing By Neem And Aloe Vera

Neem and Aloe Vera are probably the most powerful and comprehensive ingredients found anywhere that is both considered truly a panacea when it comes to skin care.

Natural skin healing by Neem and Aloe Vera is latest fad in the world of skin care products and treatments. Apart from restoring the luster to the skin and rejuvenating it, they give an excellent protection against skin damaging elements.

When combined, the healing properties of Aloe Vera gel with the anti-microbial properties of Neem to give that quintessential glow and radiant skin! Separately too, they are both nothing less than magical potions for skin health.

Apart from being an anti-microbial Neem is also an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, a deep penetration moisturizer and an active skin repairmen solution. On the other hand aloe provides deep healing and environmental skin protection.

The Skin Benefits of Neem

In our Ayurvedic natural medication, Neem is considered as beauty-giving, health boosting herbal oil. Neem gives a natural and soft texture to the skin.

As it has blood purifying characteristics, it enriches skin oxygen and nutrients. Its anti-microbial properties treat any protozoan attacks or fungal conditions.

Dry skin problems, rashes, redness, itches and other dermatological issues are effectively treated with Neem soaps, Neem oil extracts or lotions.

Neem acts as a superb anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-protozoa and provides security for any micro-organism invasion inside the body which may cause serious ailments. Minor irritations and burns, along with chapped skin and insect bites, can all be treated well with Neem extracts.

Cleansing and Germicidal Effects

Neem relieves us from other difficult skin conditions like acne, pimples, boils, eczema, Psoriasis, Ringworm, ulcers and rash. Infections and allergies are something you will never encounter with the regular use of Neem based products.

They are fast-absorbing and give a highly cooling effect on skin, soothing it and making it radiant. It is herbal and natural and keeps the skin young and safe without and side effects and works on almost all skin types. In general it improves skin health immunity.

Neem oil in particular has a high fatty-acid content that makes it very gentle on the skin and extra soothing. It replenishes the skin moisture and reduces peeling of the skin.

Also, choosing Neem as the alternative you are able to avoid a whole range of harsh chemicals and insecticides, even corticosteroids, when dealing with head lice, Psoriasis and scabies. If Neem is opted for in hair products and air oils it gives great scalp protection, combating dandruff, dryness, hair loss and graying.

It gives you voluminous, shiny and healthy hair! Also, as a key constituent of nail oil, it removes the possibilities of nail fungus and dry, brittle nails. Being a great blood circulative and detoxifier Neem extracts when taken orally in the form of capsules and tea or simply leaves, cleanses the blood and boosts skin glow and immunity.

Neem is a natural emollient and astringent and gives excellent toning properties. In contemporary times skin products with Neem as the key ingredient come in all forms such as soaps, shampoos, powders, lotions, moisturizers, oils, oil extracts, capsules and tonics.

The best part is that they now come without the typical Neem fragrance that once irritated the users, and are non-sticky at the same time!

Aloe Vera As The Ultimate Skin Companion

Aloe Vera is not just that cactus-resembling plant anymore! All over the world people are looking at amazement at the beauty wonders that aloe can do. Whether as a gel, juice or leaf extract, or in a cream, it is the most researched upon product in skin and beauty innovation. It also works wonders upon your hair, making it longer, thicker and strong and lustrous.

Aloe Vera is basically in demand for its healing properties. It can be used to heal wounds in place of antiseptics and anti bacterial as it combines the qualities of both. It can also be used to reduce profuse sweating in summers and maintain skin moisture content. It helps in mild illnesses and skin diseases and contains vitamin E to keep the skin supple and clean.

Aloe gel is non sticky and an all purpose skin solution. It heals dry, patchy or cracked skin and acts as a natural shield for the skin, protecting it from harmful toxins. It is also wonderful as a remedy for frostbites and burns, insect bites, boils, blisters, ringworm and many allergic reactions. Including aloe in a daily regimen keeps skin irritants away. High concentrations of medicated agents in aloe lead to a deep penetrating healing effect.

A Natural Sunscreen

Aloe Vera gives instant relief on sunburns and for treating skin ailments like rashes, eczema, burns, inflammations, Psoriasis and wounds. It protects open wounds against the invasion of harmful bacteria.

Also, aloe acts as a perfect moisturizing agent that keeps the skin nourished and gives oxygen to the skin cells increasing the strength and synthesis of skin tissues. It also hydrates the skin deeply and increases skin capability of maintaining moisture content. It works by removing layers of dead cells from the skin giving an in-depth treatment to the skin.

It forms a crucial anti-aging formula leading to its stupendous success, by giving supplements of vitamins E and C and tonicity to blood vessels to bring increased circulation and start healing and repairing skin tissues.

It aids in removing age lines on the face and throat by quickly replacing fluid to the fatty layers. With emollients it can retain smooth supple skin.

Aloe also goes a long way in improving skin lesions. Pigmentation and dark spots reduce greatly with use of aloe gel on face and the natural beauty of the skin is restored.

Naturally Made Cosmetics

Nowadays, many businesses in beauty and medical industries manufacture their products with skin care ingredients as its key element. Aloe Vera today comes in different forms: lotion, gel, creams, and makeup like lipsticks, anti-wrinkle creams, face-masks, skin conditioners and shampoo.

The opportunities in using this beauty-enriched and medicinal plant are endless. It also comes at a very reasonable price and can be grown in your backyard!

Getting to know your skin type is the foremost step in making sure it receives the best treatment. This information helps you use the right products that contribute to improving your skin health markedly. But irrespective of your skin type, the only products you can use without any prior worries are Neem and Aloe Vera products.

Natural skin healing with Neem and Aloe Vera ensure you have clean skin and a glowing face, enhancing your skin tone, complexion, texture and a complete facelift!