Natural Way To Take Care of Your Nails

Beauty doesn’t mean taking care of your face only, it includes the entire body even your nails which play a major role to beautify your hands. Hands with neat and clean nails display a complete clean personality to boast.
For the beautification of the nails, you need to take care of certain important things as treating the cuticles properly, cleaning the nails regularly and massaging and moisturizing the nails in proper way. There are some natural easy tips that you can follow to get perfectly shaped healthy nails.

You should never try to remove the cuticles from the nails; it will increase the possibility of the infection. So, try to apply the good quality cuticle oils to push back the cuticles. If your nails are stained then it looks bad and unattractive, so to remove the stains you can soak your nails in a cup of water and lemon juice. And, after few minutes, wash it off with warm water, followed by a massage of hand moisturizer. Also, to harden your nails you can soak them in the olive oil for about 20 minutes.

Try to avoid nail polish time to time, regular use of nail polish leaves an ugly yellow tint on your nails. You can rub petroleum jelly onto the nails for a natural sheen. Trim your nails on regular basis. When you are cutting your nails try to avoid rounded shape which weakens the nails. Rather go for the straight across cutting look. And don’t bite your nails which can be hugely destructive both for the cuticles and nails.

Water is a nemesis for the nails, so after bathing make sure that your nails are properly dry. You can also use a hand cream or lotion. And the best time to file the nails is when you are wearing polish that will prevent the breaking or splitting. Too much alcohol always removes the natural luster of the nails. There is alcohol in soap, nail polish, even lotions so try to avoid them as much as possible. Also, cleaners do have the hard chemicals in them so wear gloves when you are cleaning floors or any metals. Follow these easy tips to get healthy shinning nails.

With shining blistering nails your personality will equally shine to grab the center stage of attention.

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