One Piece Swimsuits For Women

A Maillot in layman’s terms refer to a one piece swimsuit with high cut legs and a top portion which can be in varied styles ranging from halter, tank, spaghetti or other plunging varieties. A maillot also refers to tights made in stretch fabric which is used for gymnastics and dance.

Though Maillots have now become a designer’s term and have come to be associated only with swim suits, many people still refer to a one piece swim suit as a Maillot. There are many styles of Maillots or one piece swimsuits that fit varying requirements. They can range from modest Maillot Pantaloons to the outrageous Maillot Torpedos.

Listed below are the various Maillot or one piece swimsuit styles you can try   depending on how adventurous you want to be…

Maillot Skirted Pantaloon

A Maillot skirted pantaloon is a very modest dress by today’s standards as it is a one piece suit that covers most of the top portion and leaving only the arms  and legs bare. Below, there is a pantaloon that covers the thighs and a skirt that is built in and can effectively cover your thighs and buttocks if they are heavy.

It is essentially a swim dress which is so popular these days with plus size women and as a maternity wear. The Maillot skirted is a one piece dress which is similar to the Maillot Skirted pantaloon itself except the absence of the pantaloon. When Maillot skirted has the back skirt panel removed, it turns to a Maillot sheathed swimsuit with only a front panel covering the crotch.

Maillot Tank

A maillot tank is a one piece body suit that has a leg line that is in line with the crotch. It is a modern one piece suit with little more coverage at the hip area making it a more modest swimwear. Maillot tank leaves the legs and arms free enabling it as a good and modest swim dress for competition sports. The Maillot Pantaloon is a more modest version of the Maillot Tank with a longer leg line covering the thighs.

Maillot Haltered

A Maillot haltered has a halter neck with straps that can be tied at the nape of the neck. They are good for heavy breasted women as they offer more support and lift to the breast than an ordinary one piece swimsuit. Maillot halter neck swimsuits can have leg lines that are high, low or skirted depending on the convenience of the user.

The Maillot Slide Side Halter is a variation of the haltered Maillot in which the straps pass through both the sides of the breasts and over the shoulders and cross at the back before it is brought back to the front to form a tie. This however is a two piece swimsuit.

Maillot Strapless

With a Maillot strapless, you can flaunt your toned arms and shoulders. The strapless variety has a leg line that is in line with a Maillot Tank. Maillot strap less swimsuits are for toned bodies and legs. They can have a scalloped or a straight neckline depending on your style preference. They can also have deep plunging necklines for a sexier figure.

Maillot Lattice – side

The lattice side is a Maillot style with openwork that runs vertically down the sides of the one piece swimsuit, starting from the underarm and ending at the leg line. The openwork is kept together by horizontal strips of fabric that shows enough skin to heat up things. The size of the openings can vary depending on how erotic you want to look. The Lattice side Maillot can also be a two piece swimsuit with openings at the side of the bottom and in the middle of the bikini top.

Maillot Asymmetrical

As the name suggests, the asymmetrical Maillot has an asymmetrical shape with shoulder straps diagonally moving to one side leaving the other shoulder bare. The asymmetry can be at the front, back or the sides. The side asymmetry can be a cut out at one side which can extend till the other side, leaving one side and the stomach almost fully exposed.

The variations in this style include  a Maillot Half top which leaves one breast completely uncovered making it a very erotic swimwear and Maillot Cut-out with various styles that can be in the back, top front, sides etc.

Maillot High Leg line

The Maillot High Leg line is for those with shapely hips and legs. The high leg line rides as high as the armhole and is joined only by a thin strip of fabric, leaving the side cleavage well exposed. This Maillot has a halter neck which enhances the front cleavage too.

The Maillot High leg line can have a curvy cut which moves a little inside from the sides of the body, exposing the under crease of the breasts. This is a very erotic style and as the breasts are not properly supported, there are chances of them slipping out anytime into full public view…

Pretzel Maillot

The Pretzel Maillot is a Maillot that has a very high and thin leg line that is joined with the armhole. The halter neckline is crossed in the front before it is tied at the back. Pretzels can be worn without the front crossover strap. The back is almost bare in a pretzel with very little covering which is more like a modest T back. The pretzel has several variations like a Criss Cross Halter, Maillot Cross Tension etc.

Maillot Sarong

A Maillot Sarong is a culotte that has suspenders that go over the breasts, covering the nipples. This is for the daring woman who can position the strings precariously on the nipples without slipping off. It is a more modest version of a Torpedo which is just a crotch cover with two strings that pass over the shoulders offering no cover anywhere else other than the crotch.

Maillot Tanga

A maillot Tanga covers the top part of a woman’s body adequately, but leaves the buttocks open. The tanga can have necklines that can be a halter, deep V, topless and can be T back, criss cross and other strap variations.

The Maillot swimsuit is very versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways according to your desire.


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