Open Pores Cure

Open pores can cause various skin problems like black heads, rough skin, etc. it is a problem that arises generally when people get older as they tend to get old skin which has enlarged pores. Smooth skin almost becomes a past because of open pores in the skin which happens because of improper skin care.

Neglecting the facial care habits and practices can fetch open pores and the problem is even worse for people having oily skin. As for people with normal skin, problem areas are nose, chin and forehead. But you need not worry as here are some home remedies to cure the open pores problem.

You can try out mixture of honey and tomato juice. Blend them well and apply all over face and neck. Let it dry and then rinse with lukewarm water. You must always wash face with warm water in the beginning and then make use of mild soap to remove the dirt layer and grime from skin. Then, take an ice cube and rub it over the face as it reduces the pores.

Mix one egg white with several lemon juice drops. Massage over the skin with this and then rinse of with warm water. Also, applying sandalwood powder with turmeric powder and almond oil daily over the face could heal the problem of open pores. But make sure you clean the face with soap after this as sometimes, turmeric leaves its color on face which does not look good.

If you are not much impression with plain water ice cubes then try out adding some lemon juice to it and then make ice cubes. Apply this over face and then see the difference. It will help to tighten up the pores and keep this oil free for a longer period of time.

Tomato juice with lemon juice is another home remedy to treat open pores so apply the mixture for 30 minutes and then was with cold water. So you can choose from these various options for closing the open pores and enjoy flawless and soft skin. So do take help of these.