Party Makeup Mistakes

Parties are the right place for you to make a statement that is strong enough to leave a lasting impression. Do you wish to look stunning and drop dead gorgeous on special occasions? Beware because this might lead you to go the wrong with your make up. Check out for these essential before you go wrong with your party make up. Parties are for fun put the catch here is to look good without going overstated. Read on to know more about how to look great and avoid going too loud with your make up on special evening occasions

Most of us often believe that a heavy eye makeup will help in turning the heads. Going too loud with your eye might look too made up. Too many colors on the eye and too much blending can lead to smudging. To avoid smudging of colors, you need to begin with the eye makeup first before the rest of the face. In case of any smudging, you can use a cotton swab to clear the mess.

We often choose extreme light shades when it comes to foundation.
The aim of any foundation is to even out your skin tone rather than lightening it. Extreme dark shades also spoil your tone rather than creating a warm look. Match your foundation to your skin tone and stay as close as possible. If you desire the warm look. Use bronzers and not foundations.

Heavy layering of foundation and concealer tends to look cakey
. Instead of the heavy base, use sheer foundation for soft and effective coverage. Tinted moisturizer helps in adding to the dewy look. Use a concealer only to cover up blemishes and spots and not on your entire face.

Instead of loading your lashes with several coats of mascara, use a lash curler first and then apply mascara to achieve the desired lash curl

Always use a lip primer before you apply a lip color. This will help in preventing color bleeding. Begin by lining your lips with a liner that is similar to the color of your lips. Fill in the color using a brush and use a tissue to remove the excesses.

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