Permanent Hair Removing

There are many hair removal techniques that ladies prefer these days around the world most women mostly prefer shaving or waxing to remove unwanted hair. but these techniques are temporary and the processes need to be repeated often for keeping your body hair free for a longer time.

One of the  effective methods for permanently removing unwanted hair is laser hair removal treatment. This technique of using a to destroy your hair follicles is fast gaining popularity all over  the world.

If you decide to opt for laser hair removal then be thorough in you research and finalize on a place that has got great recommendations. Good research is necessary because a faulty laser treatment may result in burning and scarring of the skin that may not go away for a long time.

This procedure is done in multiple sittings depending on the density of the hair growth and the area where you want this procedure to be performed. In some cases the hair grows back even after all the sittings are done, there are few places which offer free services to get these hair eliminated.

Though expensive, this treatment is way better than facing years of frequent visits to the parlor. Also the pain and mishaps is much lesser in comparison to waxing or shaving. Sometimes the hair does grow back after many months but this hair is very scanty and ignorable. this treatment is best suited for larger areas like your back, arms or legs.

Another popular method for truly permanent hair removal is electrolysis. This technique is very similar to laser treatment wherein electricity instead of laser is used to destroy hair follicles. It is expensive and during the procedure you may feel a slight tingling sensation. This procedure too requires multiple sittings to produce the desired results but the hair will definitely not grow back.

Electrolysis is best suited for smaller area like upper lips or the bikini area, though it can be performed on larger areas the whole procedure is time consuming and very expensive. For those who prefer removing the hair in private, there are many recommended electrolysis kit available in the market which is pretty easy to use and lighter on your wallet, but its advised to read the instructions carefully before opting to do this task on your own.

Nowadays we would do anything to permanently get rid of hair on our body, just so that we don have to endure the task every fortnight or every month. but you should realise that though it is a one time investment, the procedures are expensive and require time for providing a successful result. Depending on the area wherein you want to to permanently get rid of unwanted hair you may opt for laser technique or electrolysis.

Meera M.Das