Pick the Right Pair of Jeans to Look Good

Every woman’s closet is bound to consist of a pair of jeans. One of the most common fashion article, women usually own several pair of jeans ranging from deep blue to light hues to different cuts and styles.

However it is essential to own a right pair of jeans to accentuate the curves and look gorgeous. Here are some tips which might come handy while picking a pair of jeans for you.

The most important factor to be considered is picking jeans that fit you well. Make sure that the denim is well-fitted around the waist, the hips and the thighs. Wearing ill-fitted jeans can make the sexiest figures look ugly and gross. Determine your proper fit by trying several sizes and choosing the one that suits you the best.

Before making a purchase, determine your body type. Do not blindly buy a pair of jeans just because one of your favorite actress or model was flaunting that pair of jeans. Your body figure may be shaped like an hourglass, or like a pear.

If you have heavy butts or huge thighs, pick a pair of straight fight jeans which will make your legs look tall and compensate for the heavy curves. Also choose a jeans with no pockets to attract minimum attention to your heavy areas.

Another selection criterion involves rise of the jeans. If you have got a heavy paunch, wearing a pair of low rise jeans will leave your flabs hanging around your waist area. To carry a pair of low rise jeans make sure that your tummy is evenly toned minus the pooch. Mid-rise jeans are suitable for such body types.

Try on the jeans and ensure that you feel comfortable in the jeans. In case you are uncomfortable, look for another pair which you can carry off with ease and confidence.

Your discomfit in the pair of jeans is bound to reflect on your face and ruin your overall look. Carry the denim with attitude and confidence which clearly shows on your face.

Therefore before slipping into a pair of jeans keep these factors in mind and portray your best.