Pink Or Black

Pink is pretty and black is beautiful. May be that is a reason no wardrobe is complete without these two hues. You can never go wrong with black. That is true because black is a color that suits every skin tone, every mood and every occasion. Black is a glamorous color and no matter how boring your dress is, the color makes up for everything.

A long black dress is perfect when you go out for a dinner with your partner. The color sets up the right mood needed when you are sitting together looking into each other’s eyes. The color will make him ask for more!

When you are feeling a little flirtatious and going out with your boyfriend you can never be wrong with a little black dress (a must in every girl’s wardrobe) or a black corset teamed up with your denims. It brings out the Diva in you.

Black color makes you confident and sexy. As this color makes you appear slimmer, people with heavy weight too can carry off anything in black. Not only will it bring you in shape but also looks classy. Black might be common, but it is a powerful color and makes you stand out in a crowd.

Pink is a personal favorite of every girl. Pink is so very girlie, fun and exciting. It makes you feel young and full of life. This is one color that can never go out of fashion. It brings out the lady in you. Pink color brightens up your face. Also, it decreases your age by many years making you a complete glam doll.

Pink is a delicate, innocent, happy and a vibrant color, everything that we can relate to a girl. Pink make you all lovey-dovey. It definitely peps up your otherwise boring and dull day. Maybe that is the reason Salma Hayek confessed about her love when she was wearing pink. Pink has always been a favorite among the fashionistas.

Pink is also the color for breast cancer awareness, so flaunt this color to make people aware and do your bit towards a social cause; while you stand pretty in pink.

Not only women, men are also crazy about pink. It looks great on today’s metro-sexual men. Pink shirts, T-shirts and ties are in vogue and men are in no way lagging behind to flaunt this ever stylish color. Talking about black color’s craze among guys, this is the most classic and obvious color choice for them. They adore the color whether worn by them or by women.

Both black and pink brings out the best in you. So wear then to make a style statement today!