Planning Your Honeymoon

A wedding can be quite a stressful affair for both the bride as well as the groom. And what better way to de-stress than to simply take off on a well deserved wedding holiday immediately after the celebrations get over!

In olden times the weddings happened by force. A man would abduct a woman he wanted as a bride and take her to a secret place where they could not be found out. The two would stay hidden for 30 days; the time taken by the moon to complete all its phases. These 30 days they would consume a drink made from brewing honey. Hence the origin of the tradition of a wedding holiday and the term ‘honeymoon’.

If it’s the groom taking care of the honeymoon preparation then he should always do so in consultation with the bride; unless of course he is planning it as a wedding surprise. But while planning keep in mind the interests of the bride. It is her honeymoon as well.

If you are both are nature lovers and like to spend your maximum time outdoors then choose destinations that will give you the pleasures of biking, trekking, camping, rafting and other activities that interest you both. A small cosy cabin in the hills with a romantic fire place is also a good choice for couples seeking privacy and romance.

If you are both sun worshippers then there is nothing better than hitting the sand and beach. You can have delicious breakfasts at the beach, spend lazy afternoons soaking up the sun and working on your tan. Your evenings can be fun filled with music and dance by the beach followed by romantic candle lit dinners.

Perhaps you both are in favour of the big city life and would rather spend your honeymoon browsing the city for road side cafes, small bookstores and dinghy antique shops. You can book tickets for shows in the evenings, watch movies or theatre and round it all with speciality dinners at high class restaurants.

Before you decide on hitting a destination do lots of research on the place beforehand by collecting brochures, browsing the net and talking to people who have been there. Book your travel tickets and hotels well in advance to avoid holiday traffic. Pack your bags and keep them ready for take-off. Enjoy!

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