Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

Yes! Finally the D day is fast approaching. You are all set to enter a whole new world and to bring all your “fantasies” to reality, right? Relatives, friends, shopping, sweets, music, in the midst of everything, you seem to have no time left for yourself. But, stop and think, you need time for yourself. After all, you are the “BRIDE”! What about a perfect pre-wedding beauty regime?

If you are the bride, your beauty regime should ideally start a month before the D day. This way you are left with just giving the final touches to your skin that is radiating and glowing because of your month-long effort. But, what all to include under your month-long beauty regime? Don’t worry, we will guide you through, to make sure your skin is at its best on your most special day!!

Start toning your body: It is essential your body is in that perfect shape on the D day. To achieve the perfect figure, start toning your body many months in advance. Follow a strict exercise regime in the morning along with a well-balanced diet. This will help you be energetic and get rid of body toxins, which ultimately will make your skin refreshed and full of life from within. But remember not to overdo this otherwise you’ll be more than tired on your wedding and your skin will reflect the strain.

Pay attention to skincare: You know that the prefect skin and body cannot be achieved with a single day’s effort. You have to start working on it well in advance. Consult your beautician and ask her to chart a proper skincare plan for you and follow it strictly.

It will majorly involve scrubs, face packs, steam, messages, etc. along with this, adopt healthy eating habits and avoid junk, oily and spicy food. On adopting this kind of beauty regime, your skin will radiate exceptional glow and beauty on your wedding day. Enough to create a spell on your spouse, right?

Remain stress-free: Under a lot of shopping, arrangements and move, you tend to forget that the thing you need the most is rest to make your body, skin and personality feel fresh on the wedding day. Let your friends, family and relatives handle all the hustle-bustle while you take little naps in the midst of all chaos.

So happy wedding, dear lady!


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