Punk Fashion

Punk fashion is the style of dressing adopted by followers of punk music. The fashion first emerged during the 1970s. Designers like Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne  Westwood propagated this style immensely. Punk style is rebellious and wild.

The t shirts and tops are torn, patchy, worn out and have frayed edges.  Bondage clothing is very common in punk fashion. The stockings worn are ripped. Jeans are usually well fitted and tapered. Most of the pants or trousers worn are well fitted. An exception is baggy jeans, which are a part of punk fashion. Plaid skirts are also a good choice.

The images, symbols and slogans used on most clothing are notorious and shocking. Defaced and washed out prints look good with punk style. Plaid flannel shirts compliment this style.  Also, loose sweatshirts and hoodies are a great pick. Military prints and combat clothing are a part of the punk fashion. Combat clothing with badges and shoulder epaulets are quite hot.

The use of leather is prevalent in punk fashion. Leather pants are very common. Leather jackets are also used widely in punk style; they are usually embellished with metal studs or patches. A leather rocker jacket is an excellent pick. Metal studs are used in many clothing’s like denims, shirts, t shirts, belts, shorts etc. Opt for a studded vest for a striking appeal.

Metal accessories and adornments are very hot with this trend. Safety pins are used often. They can be used to pin up scarves or belts and also to decorate an outfit. Chains are also used to embellish clothing in punk fashion. Metal pedants and neck chains are predominant with this style.

Most of the footwear in punk fashion is practical, comfortable and durable. Boots are a good pick. Boots with thick soles, military or combat boots, are an excellent choice. Biker boots are also a part of punk fashion; pair them with skinnies. Other shoes that can be worn are; doc martens, creepers, chuck taylors etc.

Most of the punk fashion is provoking, controversial and bohemian. Tattoo art is an element of this style. Also, body piercing is quite common. The practice of piercing nose and lips and wearing jewelry on the face is very common. In makeup, eyes are the focal point. Heavy eyeliners with cat eyes is very popular.

The hair is a very important part of punk style.  Spikes are very popular with this style. Hair should be visible and full size. Short cropped haircuts also go well with this style. Greasers are also considered a part of this culture as use of hair gels, creams etc is very common.

Hair colors used are mostly bright; a striking pink, blue and green are excellent. People who do not like colors, can die their hair jet black or bleach it to get the white blonde look. Some people also shave their head. The head can be shaved by both males as well as females. A bandana tied around the head goes well with punk style.


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