Quick Steps To Make Your Own T-Shirt

BiteMeTee Do you have tees that are big and baggy, old and soggy? Are you cleaning your wardrobe of them? Wait.The time for its disposal has not arrived yet.

DIY, i.e., DO IT YOURSELF, is a new revolutionary culture. You could use your own creativity in making your T shirts in vogue with minimal costs. In short, you can fashion design your own tees.

And the best part of this is that you will be the sole user of them. You could flash out a style statement with personalization. Materialize it, and you will have all the envious eyes in your pocket.

Quick Steps To Make Your Own T-Shirt

Go Up And Personal

You could get out of a million shops, not finding the piece you have in mind. Here is a chance for you to sit back at home and reuse an old top. Try it out first with tops you really want to throw and check its fit and look. Perfect enough? Then it is time for you to explore more in the field.

Make Your Own T-Shirt

Scissor It

Scissors could be very productive when used in the correct manner. You could convert that worn out piece into a swanky looking top. Some molding with the sleeves is one way you could accomplish this. Horizontal or vertical stripe cuts look classy. If you could take threads of it and tie them into bows between the cut, it betters the look.

Informal and random shapes or stripes on it give the top a more funky approach. If you have a top, that has a pretty decent fit, then you could shape it into an off shoulder top. Do not accessorize it too much; no one would realize the cut then.

Choose Your Own Necklines

Have you had enough of the boring round and v necks? You can now alter them yourself. This might need a little more strain and sweat compared to the sleeve cutting job. Knowledge of needles and thread and probably a sewing machine is a must here.

Give your shirt a curvy neckline of your choice. If you have a thin and long neck, then flaunt it with a deep cut. If you have an amazing body, then you could probably get a fairly deep cut back. A strapless top is another possible output.

Print Is In

Printing is the easiest and quickest thing you could do for your tee to get a style over. Cut the stencil of your choice. Place the same on your tee and paint on it such that a little paint is off the stencil on the tee in a defined manner.

On removing the stencil, you tee will have an outline of the sketch. There, your tee is ready in a jiffy. Fabric paint is the best you could opt for. Ironing is more credible way of printing in terms of durability.

Check out websites for some wacky artistic works or phrases. Print them out on a transfer paper. Use an iron box to hitch it up with the tee. Also you could get 3d designs on paper and hem the frame to your tee. Just how easy the process sounds, it is even easier to execute it.

Photo Credit: Tikirobot.net