Quickly Ideas For Turning Friendship Into Love

Turning Friendship Into Love Best friends often make best lovers in the world. You will come across many couples who had been friends once, and have turned into lovers in no time. There are lovers who used friendship as a simple medium to come close, while there are others who start out as friends and take years to believe that they are  in love with their closest friend.

If you have a friend whom you admire secretly and want to change the value of your relation, you certainly can do that with some of the tips mentioned below.

Some Tips For Turning Friendship Into Love

Take Your Step

Unless your or friend makes a move, nothing is going to work like magic. If, you think you love the person close to you, make some minor gestures so that they grasp the sense of being special. In case of women, soft whispers in the ears can deliver your intentions, while for men, caring and hugging a little tight can be wordless proposals.

Make Him/Her Realize Your Worth

Most people around the world do not recognize the importance of friends and friendship until the time they lose it forever. Sometimes absence is necessary to feel the presence of a person more intensely and closely.

Just ignore your friend for a while and see the reaction for a week. If the other side has the same feeling, the wait won’t last for a week as he/she will be missing you equally.

Use Jealousy As Your Weapon

This is one tactic that works perfectly with women. If you love your female friend and want your female friend to be in your life for the whole life as your lover, you need to play a little tricky.

Just start dating someone casually and let her know. Women hate being replaced by another woman in the lives of men associated with them. If love is behind her mind, you are surely getting what you desire at the core of your heart!

Show Them Some Extra Care And Attention

It is human nature to crave for attention, care and love. Sometimes when love starts showering from one person, every other thing on earth takes a backseat.

Take your ‘friend’ out for a ‘special outing’ (read date) and make some unique arrangements. A small gift with a memorable dinner can be a perfect hint for saying your emotions, and in most cases, it works.

Show Your Possessiveness And Protectiveness

If you love someone truly, you are bound to get protective about everything associated with that person. Show your friend that you can’t afford to share their friendship with anyone and you hold all exclusive rights to stand next to them at all times.

You might just end up getting close, personal and intimate than ever. Love and friendship often get tangled in the same emotional turbulence, and it gets extremely difficult to differentiate one from the other.

Having a distinct friend in life is luck, but having the same person for the entire life as a partner is a disguised blessing. Take some daring steps today and win your friend forever.

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