Ravishing Hairstyle of Gorgeous Demi Moore

Demi Moore the name says it all; beauty and brain are beautifully blended in this ageless Hollywood Diva. To Demi, age is simply a number. She has been in the news and in the glare of the racy paparazzi not only for her acting skills, but her ravishing body which has been complimented by her beautiful face and attractive hair style. Oh yes, her shinny lush tresses are something that her fans admire most ardently.

Men and women can’t avoid drooling over whatever hairstyle she sports; be it the complete bald look of G.I.Jane, or the beautiful shimmering black strands in Charles Angels.

So, come and know how you can get the hairstyle of the ‘Ghost’ superstar.

You can go for the shoulder length or the long and straight look. But first consult with your hair dresser for whatever changes you are desire for. You can adjust the style according to your face shape. The first step would be washing followed by blow drying.

Before shower, detangle your hair by starting at the ends and working up to the roots
. To smooth the strands you can use the boar’s head brush such as Mason Pearson.

Then prepare a shampoo mix keeping in mind the hair type, texture and length. Try to use the Moisturizing shampoo which works very well. After that, take some lukewarm water in a plastic bottle and mix the shampoo. Shake it well to have a good mixture. Then drizzle the mixture on top of the head and gently pat it with your fingers. Then rinse it properly.

Apply the moisturizer based conditioner to soften the dry strands. Use the wide tooth pick to distribute onto the hair from top to the ends. Towel blot will remove the excess moisturizer and add the shine. Always remember, all these procedures should be followed with gentleness, rubbing will cause further damage and breakage. Comb the ends with a high quality brush.

Then work in circular pattern to separate the hair into 6-8 sections and clip it. After some time unclip the first clip section to smooth it. After all the strand sections are dried, use an anti-frizz product to the end and middle sections of the strands to finish it with the ultimate lush and shine that we see in the hairstyle of Ashley Kucher’s lady love.

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