Rebonding; Realities and Myth

It’s a common phenomena to want to look good, but how far can you experiment is the real problem.3 months ago I went through a similar process. I decided to get my hair rebonded. So first thing I asked all the people I know who have done that about their experiences.

Trust me most of them transformed into cry babies,cursing the saloons they got it done from. But a few , more sensible ones gave me a checklist;

1. Do you think your hair actually need a makeover?

2. Is your hair strength enough to undergo a chemical treatment?

3. Are you ready to shell out a little more money than u thought to avoid side-effects?

Luckily, I had a yes for an answer for all the questions asked above.

Basically, Rebonding is a chemical treatment, where in your hair strands are rebonded or joined to improve their texture and give you a fuller straighter look.The chemical is applied to your hair and made to stay their for about and hour. Your hair are then washed and ironed so that the chemical acts quickly.

Apparently, Chemical contact and reheating do some damage to your hair, thats why its very important that you are not already suffering from heavy hair loss or any other hair problem.Also, as it is an artificial phenomena and tends to change the nature of your hair, it makes your hair and scalp a bit dry.

Finally, it is advised that you go to a renowned hair stylist, pick up the therapy not the basic rebonding technique and switch over to the regular shampooing and conditioning routine  theerafter.Please keep in mind as natural oils dry up in this process it becomes almost necessary that after at least 20 days of getting rebonding done, you need to have regular hair steaming and spa’s.

Applying natural conditioners like egg white and henna is also helpful.So with a little extra care you can enjoy those stunning straight hair and be the center of attraction.

Jyotsana Malhotra