Rebound Relationship Advice

Many a times, after a broken relationship people tend to get into another one. These relationships are often on the rebound. The emotions involved are complex and difficult to understand. Surviving a break up can be emotionally taxing.

Long term relationships are difficult to forget and often a person tends to turn to another relationship for emotional support. More often than not, the new partner they choose is a close friend who has been helping them cope with their fragile emotions. Such relationships are entered into simply because it is difficult for a person not to be in love and with someone.

A rebound relationship is one you can be in yourself, or something you have with your partner, who may have just come out of a bad relationship. There are certain signs of a rebound relationship that you need to look into.

For example, are you or your partner spending a good part of the time together being depressed and thinking of the past? Do you spend a significant amount of time wishing you had tried something new to save the relationship? Are you finding it difficult to give your new partner your 100 per cent in terms of a relationship? Most of these are the signs that you are in a rebound relationship.

Once you have been able to recognize these signs in yourself or your partner, you will have to decide how you want to take things forward. If you are on rebound and find it difficult to cope, it would not be fair on your new partner. If your partner is on a rebound, it will difficult emotionally for you to cope with the fact that you are second fiddle.

In both cases, taking some time out to sort things out for yourself is necessary. If your partner is on rebound and you would still like to help them out, then you will have to steel yourself for an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Many people feel that rebound relationships soon lose their sheen and can only add to the emotional pain that they are feeling. If such is the case, it is best to step back from such relationships. Take the time and space to sort out your feelings or if its for your partner, give them to time to think things through.

If you still want the comfort of a relationship and do not want to get hurt, then take the stand that commitment is not part of your agenda right now. Allow a rebounding partner the same liberty.

Rebound relationships are not simple and can be emotionally quite taxing. Keeping a clear perspective is essential.

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