Recipe For Home-Made Lip Balm

Home-Made Lip Balm As winter approaches chapped lips will be a common problem that many of us will be dealing with. Chapped lips can make your lips look dull and rough. Lip balm is a common beauty accessory that can help heal chapped lips.

There are many varieties of cosmetic lip balms available in the market. However, many of these contain harsh chemicals and un-natural fragrance which can damage the sensitive skin on the lips.

It is best to use natural ingredients to make lip balm. You can make your own lip balm at home using simple and in-expensive ingredients. This home-made lip balm can be stored for long and is very quick and easy to make.

The best thing about this home-made lip balm is that it is highly customizable – you can add natural ingredients whose flavor or aroma you like. This article tells you how to make an all natural home-made lip balm.

Ingredients To Make the Home-made Lip Balm

2-3 spoons beeswax or petroleum jelly
1-2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil
2 fresh strawberries
1 spoon vitamin E oil
Half spoon spoon organic honey

Few drops of your favorite essential oil such as peppermint oil, lavender oil or chamomile oil. Beeswax is a natural wax and is the preferred substance to make a natural lip balm. You can also use petroleum jelly instead. However, petroleum jelly wears off quickly so you will need to keep re-applying the lip balm very often.

We are using olive oil since the fatty acids in this natural oil will repair dead skin cells and nourish lips to make them look soft and luscious. You can also use other natural oils such as almond oil or jojoba oil which have similar nourishing properties.

Home-Made Lip Balm

Honey has intense nourishing and moisturizing properties which will make your lips soft and supple.We are using fresh strawberries in this lip balm recipe to give it yummy taste and pleasant aroma.

Strawberries also have many anti-oxidant properties which can improve the skin texture on your lips. You can replace strawberries with your favorite fresh fruit such as cranberries, grape, etc. Strawberries will also impart a beautiful pink color to your lip balm.

You can also use other ingredients such as melted chocolate or cocoa to impart flavor and aroma to the lip balm. Crushed rose petals or crushed mint leaves can also be added to enhance the flavor, aroma and appearance of this natural lip balm.

Steps To Make The Natural Lip Balm

To make the natural lip balm, you will first need to combine beeswax with the olive oil and melt the mixture. You can use either the microwave or a double boiler to melt the beeswax.If you are using the microwave keep a careful eye and remove from the microwave as soon as the beeswax melts.

Once the beeswax melts, stir it well so that it blends well with the olive oil. Next, add the honey and vitamin E oil and mix well. Crush the strawberries coarsely in a food processor and add it to the melted beeswax mix.

Natural Lip Balm

Stir very well so that the strawberry crush blends well with the beeswax. Pour few drops of your favorite aromatherapy oil and mix well. Your home-made lip balm is ready for use. Store it in a clean air-tight container.