Rejuvenate Your Hair With Dry Hair Shampoo

Having a healthy hair is a sure sign of quality health. Along with the other parts of the body, the hair also needs nourishment. Else it becomes dry, as a result of which it breaks and falls off rapidly.

Many people also have dry hair naturally, because of genetic factors, also maybe because of lack of reliable conditions from childhood. Normal, dry and oily are the three typical types of hair.

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Rejuvenate Your Hair With Dry Hair Shampoo

Dry hair and greasy hair are not expected, and needs treatment to keep in decent shape. Hair becomes dry if there is not enough moisture in it. The trick to treat your dry hair is to enable it to get the moisture it lacks.

Overexposure to heat, chemicals (improper use of shampoo, hair color, etc.), hair-styling equipments, improper diet, and low secretion of sebum from the sebaceous glands below the surface of skin, and certain metabolic disorders are the principal reasons for hair to become dry, brittle and damaged.

Just like dry skin needs creams, dry hair needs dry hair shampoo. With dry hair shampoo, you can rejuvenate your hair and return it to its former glory.

A Proper Solution

Along with eating proper food, using the proper shampoo is crucial for treating dry hair. The secret to treating dry hair is to let it have enough moisture, and dry hair shampoos do just that for you.

A bottle of dry hair shampoo would usually mention the words ‘moisturizing’ or ‘replenishing’, to advertise this function. This shampoo is formulated to be gentle to hair with low moisture. These are usually creamy shampoos, instead of clear.

Compared to shampoos for normal hair, these shampoos have more of the ingredients which help the hair to get the requisite amount of moisture. The creaminess can be derived from things like nut oils, Shea butter, and wheat germ oil. These shampoos leave a thin film of conditioners on the hair to keep it silky and smooth.

Avocado-Based Hair Mask To Nourish Dry Hair

Shampoos can have conditioners in them, but if they do not, use ultra-moisturizing conditioners for dry hair. Dry hair shampoos can also be herbal. They contain extracts from fruits like avocado, blackberry and mango. Other common ingredients of dry hair shampoos include extracts from balsam, almonds, hazelnuts and sunflowers.

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Vitamin E is also often an ingredient of these shampoos. Ingredients from rain forests, like the proteins from Brazil nuts found in the Amazonian forests have also been seen to contain nourishing ingredients for dry, damaged hair. Dry hair shampoos are also often seen to have a protein base.

Keep in Mind…

One must remember that using shampoos properly entails knowing the proper technique. After applying the shampoo on wet hair it must be left for around 1-2 minutes before rinsing; only then will it have a proper effect. Also, it must be used regularly. Daily use is usually not suitable, unless there is some significant need for it (preferably a doctor’s advice should be followed in this case).

Soft, bouncy hair is something which we all crave for, but few have naturally. However, with dry hair shampoos, all those with dry hair can aspire to have good, nourishing hair growth.