Removing Hair Dye From Skin

Well admit it, we all have dyed our hair once or more than once, either to hide graying hair or just to try out a new color on your hair.

If your are amongst those who prefer coloring from home then you must have experienced the mishap of getting the dye on your forehead and ears and unfortunately be forced to walk around with it because you have no clue how to get rid of the stains. If you are getting it done in a parlor then the stylist takes preventive measures to avoid the unwanted stains.

Preventing the dye from staining your skin is the best way to avoid this embarrassment. For this apply ample amount of  vaseline or other lotion on the hairline and ears. But if you have already stained your skin then don’t fret, for the solution is fairly simple and easy. But sadly there are many tips and suggestions ranging from simple ones to totally crazy ones.

There are few products available in the market that can be exclusively used for getting rid of dye stains effectively. If  you are unable to buy this then you can try some home remedies that may help you effectively in removing the stains.

One simple and proven method is applying vaseline or baby lotion on the stain and leave it on overnight. The stains will be gone by morning. Also, a very effective method is to apply some antiseptic solution with some cotton and wash it off, this is also a effective method.

You can also use the age old method of soap and cleanser to clean your skin and repeat till its clean. But this may result in your skin drying up and wrinkling fast.

Some also claim that rubbing toothpaste on the stain also may help in getting rid of the stain and the mild abrasive nature of this is very effective and acts like a scrub too.

Amongst all this there are few very weird techniques like applying fresh cigarette ash is also considered to be very effective. Just dip a wet rag in the ash and rub your skin with it. This method was used very often in the mid 70’s.

There are few other methods that are not quite recommended and can prove to be harmful to your skin too. If the stain is irritating or causing more skin troubles, visit your dermatologist immediately.

Meera M.Das

  • Amelie

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    In comparison, an olive-skinned person with lilac or baby blue hair would look positively terrible. There’s a reason parasols were originally made in colours like green and blue, back when “sallow” was in vogue.

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