Romantic Games For Married Couples

Marriages are made in heaven. This is an eternal saying quoted ages ago. It is true that marriages have a very significant value in one’s life. A newly married couple enjoys all sorts of pleasures and happiness from each other’s company.

Life for them seems to be full of hopes, commitment and love for one another. Every single thing associated with the respective partner seems exciting for the other one of the couple. A newly blossomed love flourishes during that phase of life.

It is very true that each and every couple loves spending some intimate thing with each other. Romance for them seems to be in the air. They try to do a lot of things to show their love and passion for each other. This deep bonding stays in a newly married relationship for a sufficient duration of time. But this intimate bonding is very short lived.

This is mainly contributed to the fact that people are completely engrossed in their day to day busy work schedule. This results in a gradual fading of personal life with increased involvement in the professional life.

At this point of time, adjustments and compromises emerge out in a relationship. Distance between the two partners sets in. The intimate essence of romance starts to alleviate and fade off in due course of time.

How Did The Idea Strike?

Nowadays, people are so engrossed that it even happens that one does not get any piece of time to even see each other’s face in a daily basis. But this trend is not at all an appreciable one in a married relationship. The trust and understanding thus shared in between the couple soon dies out. It is then very difficult to maintain the relationship any more.

It is thus a prime concern to redeem the sense of togetherness between the pair. There are many ways to hold the romance steady in a relationship. One such effective way is the playing of romantic games between married couples. Romantic games are very effective to hold back the faded love shared between the married couple.

There are a lot of ways to retrieve the lost love but the most successful ones are the romantic games. These games are nothing but a mode of adding spice to a married life. These games include many imaginative ways of generating the ‘essence of romance’ in between a married couple.

These games do not require tremendous brain storming sessions to play. These games help to relax your mind. The main strategy that it relates to is involving the respective partner in every single activity that you do.

This helps to gain back the romance in the very monotonous married life.There are many games as such, which aids in enlightening the ‘spark of thrill’ that is felt for one another.

Some of The Common Games Are Described Below:


Bliss is a type of romantic game. It is the most popular one amongst all of the games available. Bliss is known as the most intelligent game for lovers. It has the features to show results that no other game of its type can ascertain. Bliss encompasses around the most advanced classes of computer technology to adapt its domain in accordance with the personal preferences of a couple playing it.

Bliss has the key features to keep track of your favorite background musical track, sexual preferences and likings and also the dress that you have opted to wear. It guarantees big surprises to unlock in the process of love making of a couple playing the game. Bliss can be played in three stages.

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A set of unique characteristics that prevails for one couple is completely different from another couple. Thus, this game can be well adapted with modest flexibility to meet the needs of different couple showing different preferences. It can be suitably customized according to the players demand.

No other game provides this type of features. There are a set of activities under each stage. The 1st stage is to customize bliss with accordance to the personalities of the players. In this stage, there is a need to select the most favored appearance, a background music track, the desired profile or category of the couple and the necessary actions needed to complete the first stage.

The next step is to set the stage to the game each time you desire to play the respective game. Here, one needs to specify the toys available, the type of dress worn and the level of hotness an individual feels on that day.

This facilitates each game with a different set of uniqueness enabling a different experience each time you play it. Once all these are assured to be supplied, one can enjoy the charisma of the game to meet with your level.

Enchanted Evening Game:

This is a sort of game which lets the married couple enjoy the ‘gentle’ romance shared in between them. It is a romantic game of laughter, love and sharing. It should be played in a very delightful, soothing and comfortable ambiance to cherish the intimate moments shared.

The couple is bound to experience a wonderful time out with the game on. It starts when each of the players writes down a ‘secret wish’ for the other that is wished to be performed in that very evening. The players then move around with the board game drawing appropriate cards for themselves.

These cards direct the actions that are executed during the game. Cards are so designed such that it can suggest various set of actions that are directed to perform by each respective member. The one who reaches the goal of the board game first wins the game and places that ‘secret wish’ for the other one to execute.

Other Ones:

There are some other romantic games too that have gained popularity amongst couples. Some of them are ‘Two to Tango’, ‘Fan the Flames’, ‘Bathtub love’, ‘Role play’ and ‘Kiss and tell’. The romantic sensuous vibes of your married relationship is definite to twine up when one decides to play these games.

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