Sex up your Lash line

Are you sick of trying to give volume to your thin eyelashes? Follow certain tips to get a fuller and sexier look for your lashes.

Masquerade lashes with mascara

Mascara act like a magic wand for thin lashes. But be careful in selecting relevant mascara for your lashes depending upon their texture. For enhancing volume use “mascara with a primer”. Apply a thick layer of the mascara over the lashes. For giving lashes a dramatic and longer look than usual, choose lengthening mascaras from L’Oreal and VOV. The finest way to have lush lashes is to color them with black and brown shades and finally apply good quality mascara. It looks really glamorous and natural. If you wish to try something new, try out deep blue mascara shades.

Extend them

To get a little bold look, eyelash extensions are a superb solution. They make your eyelashes appear naturally bigger. These extensions stay for about 5-8 weeks. Apply these extensions at the extreme corner of the eye so that they get the required volume.

Fake it like real

If you prefer to choose fake eyelashes, then select lashes made up of natural hair as they easily mingle with natural lashes. You can even try eyelash strips for a more dramatic look as they attract more attention and are easy to wear, but they last for a day.

Prop them with perm rod

For completely neat and clean curly eyelashes, the solution is Eyelash Perm. It takes around half an hour to perm them taking into consideration all the safety measures and the effect stay for about 2-3 months. In this technique, lashes are wrapped on a perm rod with a liquid adhesive. After the adhesive sets in and the eyelashes gets separate, apply perming gel for about 10 minutes. Wipe out the perming gel and get ready to ostentate your brand new eyelashes with style.

Curl at no cost

To get glamorous look temporarily, you can use eyelash curler or even your own fingers. All you need to do is start applying mascara from the roots heading towards the tips. Let it dry. Apply another coat to elevate the effect. As soon it gets dry, rub your fingers and curve them around the eyelashes. Similarly,  lightly heat the eyelash curler with a blow dryer and curl your lashes.