Shrugs and Fashion

Fashion accessories can indeed convert a plain Jane into a fashionable style diva.And one such great piece of clothing is a shrug. A shrug is cropped, open fronted jacket with short or long sleeves and adds a perfect layer to any outfit.

They are generally knitted like cardigans but can be made with cotton, silk, georgette or velvet. It can be thus worn both in summers and winters, day and night depending upon the material, the occasion and the outfit you are wearing. They are unlike jackets, which generally serve the purpose of keeping the chill off and do not highlight the figure.

Shrugs add a unique dimension to your outfit whether it is a tee shirt, corset, gown or any sleeveless or strappy outfits. They can magically convert a boring dress into a trendy outfit. In winters, they help to keep the arms and upper torso warm.

In summers, they can be combined with any sleeveless outfit or tee shirt to add chutzpah to the dress or keep of the summer chill in the evenings. Also, if you are a little apprehensive about showing off your arms which aren’t toned, it helps in hiding the extra flab.

Shrugs are well fitted and accentuate the outfit one is wearing. So does it mean that one needs to have a particular figure to wear a shrug? No. On the contrary, just like other plus size dresses, there are plus size shrugs. They cover the extra flab of the arms and give a sophisticated look.

Shrugs can thus be worn with any outfit or occasion without looking out of place, whether it’s a formal or a casual occasion or a party or everyday wear. One needs to mix and match the right color and combination and wear it with aplomb and confidence. Thus having one or two shrugs in your wardrobe will only widen your fashion options. Make sure that the shrugs you buy are of high quality. They should not shrink or wither after washing.

A shrug is an evergreen accessory, very fashionable and economical choice. So reinvent yourself as a style icon while keeping in sync with your tight budget and high spirits.