Signs Of Falling In Love

You have met someone new and find yourself getting attracted to him more and more. Or, recently you have started experiencing changed feelings for your old friend which is confusing you but also giving you a strange good feeling.

Well, what you are feeling can be a sign of falling in love. To be sure if you are falling in love or not, find out if one or more of the signs mentioned here are applicable in your case too.

You remain in a good and happy mood recently. You feel enthusiastic about almost everything.You keep thinking about him always. You are unable to concentrate on any other thing because almost everything in your daily life reminds you of him. You find yourself smiling while thinking of him or talking to him.

When you see him or hear his voice your heart beats so fast that you can almost hear the beat. You miss him within minutes of ending an hour long phone call. You want to spend all your time in his company. You read his text messages innumerable times and never feel bored reading them even if you have memorized each and every word of the messages.

You prefer to stay alone and think of him rather than being with friends or other people. Even when you are in the company of your friends or doing things you used to enjoy earlier, you keep missing him and wish he had been there with you.

You are concerned about him and his well being. You want to see him safe, comfortable and happy. You want to know and understand him more and more. You compromise on issues keeping in mind his expectations, needs, wishes, desires or views. You don’t mind spending a fortune to buy him a gift and see him happy.

You take care of yourself and your appearance. You want to be in your best form in front of him so that he compliments or appreciates you. At the same time, you find him the most attractive one and different than the rest. When he is in front of you, the surrounding, people and the entire world fade away.

If these signs are a reflection of what you are experiencing lately, then be sure that you are falling in love with that very special person of yours.

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