Signs That Show Seriousness Of Men In Relationship

You must have heard guys often claiming that they never seem to comprehend a girl and the world generally classifies women as the complex ones of the two partners. They say that a lot of complexity persists in a woman’s brain every moment; it’s claimed that a woman thinks something and expresses the other. But when it comes to a relationship, they prefer to express their feelings, share her expectations.

As a matter of fact, regarding love issues a man’s mind is more intricate. Its men, who are mostly, found uncomfortable getting into any kind of such discussions. They don’t seem happy to crystallize their feelings to their partners. This goes for both who are in a serious relationship and the ones who are not.

Love Or A Lust To Try Luck

Often it happens so that your boy says so much of loving things and takes you out on expensive dates and gives you many gifts as an expression of his love. You may feel that he is letting the world on you and you start trusting him and moving on into a deeper relationship. But wait! This may not be love. This icing may soon wear out and you will find that it’s just lust that was there.

The following mentioned attitudes in a man generally come from his devotion and commitment towards a relationship. Thus know it beforehand if your man is ready to get into a solemn commitment with you. These are certain very simple issues that signify seriousness; but under the illusion of made up love we can’t figure out things well.

He Makes A Call Or Text Very Often

If your text inbox is getting full very often with just an “I love you” or may be a “miss you, baby” means that your man misses your company whenever you are not around. Or maybe he calls you up in the lunch break and asks you if you had your lunch. This means he actually cares for you and not his phone bill. It may even happen that he calls you for no reason, just to hear you once.

He Often Wants To Go Out, At Least A Walk

He gets crazy for a glance of yours. Even after a stressful day with a busy schedule he takes out some time to see you. Even if you are tired and his mom complains of his laziness, he tries to convince you for a coffee and if not that at least a walk. He, in fact comes at your work place to give you a drop to your home. This features that he is happy to be with you.

Future Scheduling

You will not always find a man who is eager to include you in his future castles. One who does so is actually serious about you. He wants to make you a part of his being. He makes plans with you about a beautiful home with a green lawn, your honeymoon, your parents and so much. Whenever he gets nostalgic, he behaves as if he is talking to his wife.

He Introduces You To Family As Well As Friends

He takes you to his family occasions and introduces you with his family. Moreover he takes you his club of pals and you will be surprised to see that all his chums know so much about you and even your allergies.

They actually seem to have sensed up your presence even before you have met them. This is because your man is so mesmerized with you and his relation that he keeps on talking about your positives and likings.

He Wants To Come To Your Parents’

You will find a lot of men willing to come to your place when no one is around; but if you have found someone who is reluctant to come at your place when your parents are around. He gets actually happy to see your parents and gets well into a serious discussion with them. This is because he truly wants to impress them.

He Looks At You While Hearing You

He never ignores you while you are up to saying something.  He look at your face while you speak, he hears you with full patience. Many a times you know that you are speaking all rubbish and childish things that are not possible to do; but still you will find your man interested. This shows that he loves you so much and he likes whatever you say.

Distance Makes Him Inpatient

Whenever you are not with him, I mean when you are out of state for some work or may be some other issues, he keeps on calling you again and again. He asks you about what you are doing and asks when you are coming back. This shows that he in reality misses you so much and wants you back in town.


He never gets late for a date or for any other thing that you have planned together. Does he? If not then he is really in love with you. Even if there is a huge traffic or his boss is too strict for an early leave, he, God knows how reaches to the restaurant before you. You always find smile and never provides you with excuses if he gets late. Just a sorry with a tint of love and an apologetic smile is what you see on his face whenever he can’t reach on time.

Jealous He Is

If you are talking about your best friend, who is a boy, your man feels insecure. He doesn’t restrict you from anything but feels sad. This means that he is jealous and so you can be sure that he is serious with you.

He Trusts You

The last yet the most important thing are that he believes in you. A man who is serious about a relationship loves to depend on his partner and have complete faith in you. So if he lets you to his favorite gadget, which otherwise he never parts from, know his reliance.

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