Simple Steps To Make Your Own Stylish Hip Bag

There are people who love to flaunt various types of bags. This tendency is mostly found among women, who are not only confined to the various styles of bags, they are also interested to try out various shapes and materials of bags too.

Almost all women have separate bags; one for occasions, one to go with their formal wears, one for marketing, one for parties and a lot more types. Some of the most fashionable women also choose to have bags and purses in match with the outfits they wear. Therefore, they seem to have a wardrobe full of bags only.

Now, if you also fit in this category of women, I will give you an idea to add a feather to your collection of bags. What about making a bag all by you? I am sure those who are reading my article will be awestruck at my idea.

But, believe me, it is not as difficult as you are thinking. You just need to follow the steps I will discuss here and you will be surprised at the outcome of this project of bag making.

Let us start our project with a hip bag. Actually this is not a woman centric bag only and is suitable for all sexes. So, you can also gift your brother or a male friend a bag made all by yourself. Hip bags are commonly termed as waist bags or waist pouches.

I hope you are also familiar with the term belt bags? All these point out towards hip bags only. This is a bag convenient for traveling. You can stack in all your necessary things inside it and walk about freely. You do not need to carry an additional baggage with you always, if you use a hip bag.

Moreover, it is generally waterproof. So, it is convenient to carry in the rains too, without the slightest fear that your things inside can get damaged. But it can also be made with study fabrics like cotton that can be washed easily, with polyester lining inside. A simple knowledge of stitching is enough to make your own hip bag. Now, go through the steps minutely.

Things You Will Need For The Project

You will need about half a meter of fabric as per your choice. Arrange for some polyester cuttings of the same measurement. You will further need sewing threads, needle, pins, measuring tapes, a ruler, pencil, fabric marker, a pair of scissors and some fabric glue.

Step 1 – Make Paper Patterns

Make two distinctly separate paper patterns on a brown paper. Plot one rectangle of measurement 17 inches by 10 inches, using your pencil and ruler and another rectangle of measurement 17 inches by 12 inches. Make another paper pattern of measurement 17 inches by 6 six inches. But this pattern will be triangular in shape.

Step 2 – Cut Your Fabric

Trace the paper patterns on the subsequent fabrics. Understand clearly how you will do it. Mark out the bigger pattern on the main fabric with the fabric marker. It should be done in such a way that you cut out two such rectangular pieces from it.

Now, plot the smaller pattern on the polyester fabric. Two fabric rectangles will be necessary for the polyester cutting too. For the rectangular pattern, plot two in the main fabric and another in the polyester fabric.

Step 3 – Sew The Fabric Cuttings

In this step you are supposed to sew together all the fabric pieces. You will be doing this by placing the front sides of the main fabrics facing each other. In between them, insert the polyester cuttings.

Now, sew all the three sides of the rectangles, leaving the top. This will become the opening of your hip bag. Sew the triangle by stitching all the four sides, turning the face of the fabric cuttings inside out.

Step 4 – Attach A Flap

Now, when the stitching is done, turn the pouch in such a way that the front side of the main fabric is visible. Close the sides that make the raw edges visible, by neat hand stitches. But remember to leave gap for the opening of your hip bag. Do the same thing with the flap. Now insert the flap about half an inch inside the pouch. Stitch the two parts together.

Step 5 – Make Belt Loop

Cut a rectangle of about 2 inches by 4 inches measurement from the main fabric. Fold the fabric such that the front sides collide with each other. Stitch the three parts neatly, leaving a gap of one inch in between.

Once finished, turn the fabric, so that the main side is visible. Now, close the open end by hand stitching. Next, fold the belt formed, equally, in the form of a loop. Attach the loop at the back of the pouch.

Step 6 – Finish Your Hip Bag

At the final finishing stage, you need to put in something at the flap, so that the bag can be opened when required and then closed. You can go for options like zippers, push buttons, hook and loop. If you wish to attach a zipper, get one from the store, with the measurement equal to the opening of the pouch.

Now, attach the two sides of the zipper with the two corresponding sides of the hip bag you have made, by secured machine lock stitch. Put the protruding part of the zipper, which lies opposite to the lock, inside the bag.

In case you choose to attach buttons, shop a bit formal looking button. Now, attach the male portion of your push button with the body of the hip bag. The female part will have to be attached with the flap, in the interior part, such that the distances of both parts are same and overlap each other.

If you wish to attach hook and loop, attach the loop portion on one side of the bag by fabric glue. Attach the hook portion on the flap of the bag. Remember, the placement of the attachment must be in such a portion and distance that they overlap each other. Otherwise you will never be able to close your hip bag!

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