Six Essential Beauty Tips For Women Over 60

Growing old is a natural process. There is nothing to worry though some of the women are horrified with their age and they consider it as an ailment and fall out of this ailment is wrinkled and sagging skin. Each age has its own beauty. You have to rear that beauty.

At the age of sixty take the makeup and do the dress up like sixty. Do not copy others who are 30 or 40. Following the beauty guide of sixty you can look radiant easily. As you grow old you need to change your concept of beautifying yourself.

At mature age you need more meticulous maintenance of the skin and hair. This article will help you to look stylish even though your hair may turn grey or skin wrinkled.

Regular Exercises

To remain beautiful even at old age what you need is regular exercise and healthy diet. Exercise helps us to remain slim. Regular free hand exercises, yoga, asana enhance our blood circulation and tones our skin.

For this reason if you do exercises regularly, your skin will remain taut for a long time and we know that healthy skin is the best makeup. So walk in the morning, regularly. Walking can be done buy everyone and at all ages only the pace will be different.

Healthy Diet

Regular diet plays and important role to remain beautiful. As we grow old our digestive system gets weak. So it is better to take those foods that are easy to digest. Do not pressurize your liver and digestive system unnecessarily. Add a great amount of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Do Maintain A Healthy Diet

Decrease the amount of animal protein intake. Stay away completely from junk food because it is almost impossible to digest those foods. You will not get a beautiful skin and healthy body unless you have a healthy liver and good digestive system.

Drink adequate water, at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday to keep your skin hydrated and wrinkle free. Moreover fluid such as fruit juice, vegetable juice, soups, etc. help to remove toxins from our body through urine and keeps our skin soft, supple and blemish free even at old age.

Regular Skin Care

We all know that beautiful skin is the best makeup. You will not look attractive with weird, wrinkled and blemish full skin. Take proper care to make your skin soft and supple. Unless you take proper and regular care from the young age, you will not have a beautiful skin at the mature age.

As we grow old our skin becomes dry naturally. That is why you need to supply oil from outer source to keep it soft and supple. At old age you need a regular body massage. Massage your body at least once a weak.

Massaging not only helps to enhance the glow of the skin, it also keeps your muscle flexible boosting up blood circulation in the whole body. For massaging purpose you may take olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, etc.

To enhance the absorption power of the oil you can make your oil warm. Take oil in a container. Place that container on hot water. Naturally the oil will be hot. Now start massaging. Use soap as little as possible because soap may make your skin dry.

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Use liquid soap and face wash because these things are less harmful. Use moisturizer every time after using soap. Use moisturizer with antioxidant ingredients because antioxidant ingredients kill free radicals that damage and age our skin.

Ultraviolet rays of the sun are very harmful. They damage our skin, wrinkle our skin and in the long run may cause skin cancer. So always use sunscreen lotion with SPF 15 at daytime. It protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. At night you must use night cream because night cream helps to repair your skin. Remove makeup from your skin before going to sleep.


Do not wear heavy make up at your mature age. Age 60 needs lighter makeup to bring a gracious look. Rub ice on your skin before starting your makeup because ice makes your makeup long lasting.  Use foundation base before applying moisturizer.

At older age like 60 our skin grows dry. For this reason do not use water based foundation. Better take oil based foundation. This type of foundation will help to bring a natural shine and help to hide lines and wrinkles. Apply slightly tinted foundation because this will add radiance to your face.

Do not use too much powder on your make up. This will make your look dry. In the case of blusher and eye shadow, stay away from powder finish blusher and eye shadow.

Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Use cream based eye shadow and blusher and shade of these two things should be near to your skin color. In case of lipstick use cream based lipstick because matt lipstick makes lines and cracks of your lips very prominent. Use neutral color lip pencil to define your lip line.

Use lighter shade for your lips because darker shades do not look well on lips of a 60 year old. Never use red color lipstick because this will make your mouth look thinner.

Hair Style

Hair style has a great impact over your personality.  Short hair suits best to the women over the age sixty. So do bob, blunt or layer cut at mature age. At mature age our hair becomes thin.

These hair styles will help to add volume to your hair. If your hair is beginning to gray or already has, do not color your hair fully to look young and fresh. You can color only some portions of your hair especially those are around your face to make your face prominent.

Hairstyles of 1960s

Well defined eyebrows are necessary to make your look prominent. So keep your eyebrows in well shape all the time. Remove unwanted hair from your face to make a clean look. Waxing is the best way to remove your hair.

Dress up and Shoes

Wear dark color clothes such as black, blue, dark green because dark colors help to look you slimmer. Wear simple clothing and avoid frills. Wear shoes with slight hills.

Here are few necessary tips of looking good. Following these tips you can look gorgeous. There is no such reason of being morose with your age. Follow these tips and enjoy your life.