Six Excellent Haircuts For Fine Straight Hair

Straight and fine hair is fashion of these days. Straight hair is such a thing which looks best when it is kept loose. You can do various styles on straight and fine hair.

Simple hair cuts are ideal for straight and fine hair. Anything complicated will not go with fine hair. Some haircuts that go best with fine and straight hair are simple bob, blunt, or round cut, layers, etc.

Six Excellent Haircuts For Fine Straight Hair

Bob Cut

A simple bob is a great idea for fine and straight hair. It generally becomes chin length and it suits all types of faces.  Among shorter hair styles, simple bob looks perhaps best on human face. To bring some volume on this hair style comb your hair on opposite direction. Bend down and comb your partly wet hair from neck towards forehead.

wavy bob hair style

Pixie Cut

If you are a person with slim body and thin face then pixie cut will look better on your straight and fine hair. Moreover short pixie cut is easy to maintain. Just shampoo your hair, wipe it dry and go. You may not brush or comb it. But people with round and heart shaped face with chubby cheeks should stay away from this hair style. This hair style will make their face more round and flabby.

Pixie Haircut


This blunt cut goes best on people with chubby cheeks with fine and straight hair. There are two types of blunt cut – short and long. People with slim body and slim neck may have short blunt. But for the people with some extra pound it is better to have long blunt. Blunt cut helps to hide your chubby cheeks.


Especially the insides curl of the last portion of hair gives your face a comparatively slimmer look, hiding the chubby cheeks. To maintain the inside curl for a long time comb your wet hair towards inside. You may use lacquer to maintain the curl.


Shag is another ideal hair style of straight hair. The ideal length for shag is 1-2 inches below the jaw. It helps to give a soft jaw line especially when you have square face. Soft and wispy hair of shag style will give your face a soft look.


If you want to add volume on your straight and fine hair then go for the layer style. The hairs are cut in different layers. Hairs are cut by sharp razor unevenly. To add further volume you may add gel on different layers. Make sure that your all layers get the gel coat.

Long U or Round Shape Hair

Long straight hair looks nice. Take a sharp knife and cut the lower portion of hair in deep U or round shape. You may cut locks or fringes on front. Fringes and locks help to cover the wide forehead. It looks nice. Shampoo your hair, use conditioner and iron your hair before going to party. Iron helps to make straight hair straighter.

These are few hair cuts that go with straight and fine hair. If you are confused to choose one for yourself then visit a hair specialist. He/she will select one for you either from this list or he or she may have more choice in his or her list.