Skinny Jeans are In

Skinny jeans are the in-thing this season. A skinny pair of jeans can be described as a pair that fits along the length of the leg, tapers near the ankle and end in a very narrow opening. They became extremely popular during the 1950’s due to the country as well as rock n roll movement. This season again, a low waist slim-fit jeans in dark blue colour is one of the trendiest piece of clothing.

They are mostly perceived to be suitable only for petite body types. Moreover, a tummy bulge looks hideous on skinnies. But this is just a myth as heavier women can pair them with longer tops to create a slimmer look. Furthermore, if you have thick calves, wearing taller boots with these jeans can also make you look slim.

Skinny jeans especially in dark colours help to create a slimmer look. They are mostly popular in dark colours such as blue, black, greyish-black and bluish-black. They are also available in numerous washes such as acid wash, faded, distressed, shredded etc. The width of the leg opening also varies; it could be extremely narrow or slightly wider.

Heels as well as flat shoes look good with skinny jeans. Wearing heels with skinny jeans gives length to a person’s frame. Thus if you are not very tall wear pointy toe, peep toes or strappy high heels with skinnies. It has a slimming effect and creates an illusion of longer legs.

On the other hand, portly women should avoid wearing flat shoes with skinny jeans as it would make them look bulky. Ballet flats or heeled pointy shoes are in vogue with skinny jeans. However, all types of shoes look good with them. So you can pair them with stilettos, boots, ballerinas, wedge heels, sandals, flip-flops, gladiators, etc.

Skinny jeans can be donned for formal as well as a casual get-togethers. Loose and flowing tops such as tunic tops, or tops with dolman or bell sleeves look best with them. However, petite women can also wear tops that fit well. Thus any short tops, t-shirts, tunics, jackets, shirt dresses, peasant tops can be worn with them. On formal occasions, they can be paired with vests or shorter jackets.