Smooth And Fresh Looks: Naturally

These days skin polishing methods are gaining lot of attention since all women carve to retain smooth and spanking skin. Skin polishing method in combination with white secret treatment is very popular theses days and performed under beauty expert’s supervision.Another skin polishing practice is Microdermo averager treatment which is gaining popularity under skin bighting and pigmentation cure sphere. Needless to mention theses are some of the expensive methods. Hence one can adopt easy and 100% natural methods for skin polishing and posses smooth and fresh looking skin.

With one tomato puree add half table spoon of sandal wood powder, almond granules, and few drops of honey. This pack works as shield against pigmentation augmentation and also extends fresh feeling.

Banana pack is one of the most beneficial packs. Mash a banana in pasteurized milk and mix it evenly. To the paste add some drops of lemon juice, half table spoon of sandal wood and calamine powder. Apply the pack and let is remain for about 10 minutes.

Once the pack has been dried up, remove by performing mild massage using rose water. This is perfect treatment for normal and dry skin to maintain the calmness and elasticity of skin in long terms. Since all the ingredients are natural one can apply the pack 5 days a week. This not merely works as healthy skin maintenance agent but as relaxing agent too.

Combination of lentil, turmeric powder and curd make an apt scrub. With the regular use of this scrub one can improve the skin glow. Also people with tanned complexion or suffering from pigmentation can take maximum benefit from natural characteristics of lentils and turmeric.

As another option one can replace the lentil with Potato. Grade the Potato in grinder and add half spoon of turmeric and calamine powder.  This particular pack has quality of natural starch, antiseptic and antibiotic, which is enough to perform magic on skin in short term. Once can feel the difference in a week time application.

Last but not least we can’t forget the use of fruits for revitalizing the skin. Strawberry paste added with milk powder, is perfect remedy for silky and soft skin. Strawberry is rich with vitamin C, phytonutrients and antioxidants, hence using them in face mask are beneficial.