Some Common Hair Problems

Alarming situation arise when in a- day thirty to fifty or in a week three hundred to five hundred hair fall take place. Actually the roots of hair are quite delicate and any problem or disease occurs in a body it has direct impact on our hair.

It is widely known that after any physical illness for more than three to four months our hair fall continues even if we recover physically from that illness.

There are number of reasons for hair fall were few common ones are often post delivery period is worst period for females were they face maximum hair fall. Later comes infection which has adverse effect on hair.

Mostly hair fall is due to infection in urine or in kidney. Hormonal imbalance is another reason, females at different stages come across hormonal changes and during this period there is negative impact on their hair’s health. Diabetes is one disease which makes your hair roots weak, inhibit the moisture making them dry and dull.

In cities consumption of alcohol and smoke is quite frequent, hence due to alcohol consumption and unhealthy practices worsen the hair quality. There are people those who try various drugs or chemicals to achieve tonned skin and body, but due to switching over on various drug results in unhealthy hair.

Some known drug are anti thyroid and pain killers and medicine taken under cancer treatment got the worse effect. Hyper tension undoubtedly is the biggest enemy of hair and drugs taken under this treatment are responsible for maximum hair fall.

Finally avoid to be slave of fashion there are enormous number of hair style which certainly makes you look gorgeous like tight ponny tail, plates and knots but at the end of the day with the excess stretch you are bound to have the weak roots and while washing.

Hence if your hair fall number is fifty to one hundred fifty every day best treatment can be intake of one to three cups of milk or consume vitamin tablets, prevent them against dust making choice of appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

Make sure you wash hair at least thrice a week and make sure don’t leave your hair oil, apply oil only before two hours of washing. One has liberty to use anti-dandruff shampoo not more than twice a week, with this practice will be able to control dandruff in month time.