Steps To Remove A Tongue Ring

Remove A Tongue RingYouth today, have a number of ways to express their sense of fashion. Statements varying from tattoos to different kinds of piercings have become a common sight. Despite being frowned upon by some, it can be a great way to project one’s individuality and attitude.

However, when the time comes you may have to remove your tongue ring; these are the steps to follow. Before you start to remove your tongue piercing, make sure you have some paper towels, antiseptic mouthwash and soap.

Steps To Remove A Tongue Ring

Step 1) Disinfect Your Mouth

Brush your teeth and wash your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash thoroughly. Repeat this step if you wish as this cleans your mouth and tongue and removes any germs or bacteria that may cause an infection. This is the most important step before carrying out the procedure.

Step 2) Clean Your Hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with an antiseptic soap to remove germs that they may have accumulated throughout the day. It is essential for one to do this because if the pierced area is exposed to bacteria it can cause serious infection, which may require medical attention. After you wash your hands, make sure to dry them properly.

Remove A Tongue Ring

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Step 3) Unscrew and Remove Ring

Position yourself in front of a mirror and make sure you are in a well lit room. Stick out your tongue as far as possible. Dry of the top of the tongue ring/ stud with a clean cloth. Hold the top end of the piercing and unscrew the removable end. Gently and slowly pull it out.

There are several queries as to whether food particles may get stuck once removed or that there is a risk of infection. The answer to this depends on whether you are removing your tongue ring temporarily or permanently.

If Removing Temporarily

Whether you are going out somewhere formal or you have to give a speech, some people may wish to remove their tongue ring only temporarily. In this case once you remove the ring make sure to clean it regularly with an antibacterial and a clean swab of cotton.

Remove A Tongue Ring


Furthermore, care should be taken not to let the open portion of the tongue get infected. Regularly rinse the mouth with antiseptic mouth wash. For the duration, one should refrain from eating food that is too oily or spicy as it may affect the pierced area.

If Removing Permanently

If you have decided to remove the ring/stud permanently for whatever reason the above steps must be repeated for permanent removal. However, there may be several side effects. Depending on the rate of healing (which varies from person to person) and the duration of time for which the person has had the piercing the pierced area may or may not fully heal.

For example, a person who has had one for more than 5 to 6 years and decides to remove it may never fully heal. There will always be slight scarring. On the other hand if a person’s rate of healing is favourable and he/she hasn’t had the piercing for too long the tongue may be fully healed within 6 months.

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