Style For 40’s

If you are a woman who is approaching the age 40, or my have crossed the age, you may get little confused about your dressing. You may lament that you have appeared at such an age when everything, especially the trendy and modern things, do not go with you.

But one of the best things of this mature age is that the women grow in confidence and sophistication that they did not have in their 20s.Use this unique quality at the time of dressing up. Right type of make up and dressing up can make you more attractive, stylish and gorgeous than ever before.

While choosing your attire be sure that you are not going to follow those teenage fashion trends. It will make you look clownish. Do not wear body tight attire because with age you may have added few extra pounds to your body. On the other hand do not wear too loose or baggy types of dress. You may have a wrong notion that baggy helps to hide bulges. But that is not at all true.

Stay away from revealing dresses. Stop wearing dresses that are too short or too long.  A dress that goes slightly above the knee is ideal. Deep V-neck is ideal for this age. Long sleeved or sleeveless dresses go best with this age. Do not wear short sleeves. It may look odd if your arms are not toned perfectly.

As far as the color of the dress is concerned, you can wear any color except too dark and shocking colors. Some people think that only black color goes with this age. But it is a wrong notion. Avoid small prints on your fabrics. Prefer large prints or neutral color cloth for your dress. Choose   pure cotton or silk fabric for you. Shiny, polyester like fabric that falls tight upon the skin is not the ideal one for you.

Invest money while buying undergarments. Many women in their 40s start sagging at their bust and upper abdomen. The easiest way to get rid of this is to use push-up bra and control-top panty which are costly than ordinary under garments.

This age needs comfort while choosing shoes. But choosing comfort does not mean that you have to sacrifice style and wear ugly style less shoes. You can wear mid-sized or low heels in special material and design.