Style Up With One Shoulder Dresses

One Shoulder Dresses A recent blip on the haute couture radar is rapidly becoming a highly popular fashion trend; the one shoulder apparel. As is evident from the name, the dress has only one “shoulder” and is suitable for those who are not quite comfortable with off shoulder or tube dressing.

A one shoulder dress offers a great way to sport a bold and beautiful look without stepping out of your comfort zone. Gown, shirt, and above-knee dresses all hugging on to a shoulder for support now make their rounds on the evening circuit.

How You Do It

The harmless aim of looking good doesn’t need hours nor paid stylists, not as long as you have a reasonable judgment of what looks good on you, and what you look good in.

Step out of your comfort zone to get the edge you know you possess. The one shoulder look can be made your own; keep a checklist handy when deciding on the type and intent.

Suit Your Body Type

A woman, apart from her qualifications and distinctions, comes under a set category of body-shapes. If you’re heavy on the bottom and narrow from waist-above, you’re pear shaped with narrow shoulders. Thin legs with a well-endowed trunk make you apple-shaped.

If you’re cursorily mistaken for a boy in jeans, then you most probably have a straight lean body with almost no curves, the ruler shape. The quintessential womanly shape, with all the curves in place is the hourglass figure. Not too thin, nor otherwise.

Pear shaped women might want to consider broad straps to draw attention away from the prominent base. Keep the dress simple, with an eye-catching necklace or long earrings to further get your pretty face noticed and stay in focus.

Apple shaped women shouldn’t look at the shoulder statement as a disaster without giving it a fair try. The feminine assets work in your favor, so you don’t have to crowd up on the confident chest.

Since any dress flattering your shoulders is bound to be noticed from top-to-bottom, pair a dark one shoulder with a printed skirt and minimal jewelry. Flaunt the enviable legs. Let the top add to your style and not usurp all attention when not wanted.

For the rulers, there are some tips on the scale to work the look. The return of the lady-form celebration means you can experiment more as you have the advantage of fitting into most styles and sizes.

Bright colors don’t deter you and the hanger shoulders allow figure-hugging one shoulders to position themselves anywhere. A light colored one shoulder dress with a wide belt can lend you some curves.

Chunky hand jewelry won’t come in the way; instead it can up the appearance with the proper colors and size. Make use of fishnet stockings to look more womanly.

Coming to the woman’s woman, the coveted hourglass sirens, all that probably remains is choosing the right heels. Accentuate the curves with a body-fitting dress keeping the sleeve long or just around the arm, creating the illusion of an off shoulder dress. Much jewelry isn’t needed; you can play up the colors on the heels or sandals, whichever you opt for.

One Shoulder Dresses

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Going Up

A one shoulder dress can be teamed with a necklace or can steal the show on its own. The ladies with long necks to hold the head can choose to wear chokers if it doesn’t step on the toes of the shoulder strap. Glittering studs or shimmering narrow long earrings look best with a thick necklace.

Not-so-long necks can be made to look more elongated not with Burmese rings, but elaborate dangling earrings, sure to stir complimentary comments from those with an eye for detail.

Go by the dress, if it is dark, then you can freely and confidently wear shiny embellishments. If it is light in color, then maximize the beauty of the dress by toning down the jewelry.

Much of how much you want to reveal or hide has to do with the comfort level and the fit of the top. Cotton one shoulders are best for summers and the daytime, absorbing the sweat leaving your skin open to breathe.

Soft chiffon has the natural ability to beautify the feminine shape with its slinkiness. Choose a dress that is easy to wash and wear, and one shoulder is meant to be worn often, to give your shoulders the turning heads wherever you go. Beaded straps or matted bag-straps deviate from the norm, making the dress yours, symbolizing your fashion ideas.

A Face To Launch Hearts

As is any photographer’s thumb rule, use the light to portray the subject in her glory. Daytime brings out the color in your cheeks, so a sun screen with matte lips is sufficient in itself.

Bronzers brushed on the shoulder bones for definition highlight the classy look. Don’t overdo it, that’s all. Remember, it’s your shoulders you’re showing off in the one shoulder. Nights need you to usher in the glam, so rosy cheeks, glossy lips and smoky eyes are part of your personality then.

Use metallic colors for the dress.That leaves us with the feet to complete the dolling up. Cute slip-ons are in your stride for an easy-going day wear. Young girls could stick with chic sports shoes for innocent robustness.

One-shoulder attire deserves to be the center of show, but in case it isn’t your primary serving of eye candy, bold heels or strapped sandals for the short dresses keep the spirit level as you want it.

Bring yourself out to the world and let it know you’re beautiful. Maintain cleanliness, with waxed arms and legs and proper innerwear. The dress sits perfect on you if you give it a shapely cast to wrap itself around.

Whatever the style of dress, dark colors are used to slim the perception, white and associated colors give a fuller appearance. One shoulder dresses are designed with the feminine body in mind. Meant to flatter you at every occasion, stylize yourself to make every road a red carpet.

It is in keeping with current trends, and one that looks here to stay. If you’re dressing up for your partner or just giving yourself some quality time, buy a one shoulder dress to make you comfortable.

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