Summer Allergies Treat

Summer allergies are very common especially with the people having delicate skin. it is often seen that people with a sensitive skin suffer from itchiness, congestion and even running nose, watery eyes, etc. all these are known to be summer allergies.

These are irritating plus scratching the itch could get you red skin as well. There are medications available to treat them but sometimes, it is better to go for natural treatment rather than all the medications. So here are some home remedies which are cheap unlike medicines plus very effective.

One thing that has seen to do constant cure in summer allergies is honey. It is recommended to take 3 tsp of honey everyday in any form. But in the morning, just when you wake up take a glass of warm water mixed with lemon and honey. Not only does it help to get rid of all the toxins but it also helps to purify blood which in turn bans the summer allergies.

It would help you slowly but will make sure that you do not suffer from summer allergies. Also, make sure that you take loads of vitamin. Apart from vitamin tat you get through daily diet, take supplements as well. Vitamin B5 helps to treat summer allergies so take at least 100 mg of it daily. Also, it is recommended to take 400g of vitamin E as it has antioxidants which help to fight against allergy causing foreign agents.

Drinking loads of fluids help as well, especially juices. So prepare summer drinks to keep the temperature of body cool and hence reduce the chances of summer allergies. Take cucumber and carrot juices as they help in fighting the allergy symptoms. These also help to improve immune system.

Because of its anti allergic properties, it should be taken all throughout the summers to have a glowing skin. Lastly, you must try to relax. Keep the level of stress and tension low. Do loads of exercises, meditation, yoga, etc so as to build body stamina and improve the immune system so as to help the body fight against the agents of allergy.