Summer Hair Styles

It is summertime and people will like to get extra short haircut during this time. There are obvious scientific reasons behind it.  Research shows that short and less hair can help to loose 50 percent of their body heat from the top of their head. Also there is another belief that thick layer of hair works as an insulator.

Moreover hair does a very good job to block ultraviolet rays of the sun. So neither bald nor too much hair is suitable in summer. Walk through the middle path. The style varies from one year to another year keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of hair. This year in 2010 ponytail and bob are the hot looks. If you compare this year’s style with that of 2009, styles are becoming more free and casual compared to last year’s super neat precision cut.

Bob is regarded as all time favorite.  Cut you hair neck length. Slightly roll the hair inside. It will add volume and give your face a softer look.

It is very popular in summer. Fringe adds elegance to the personality. Bring variations in fringe style depending on your personality and facial structure. Soft and wispy fringes, casual choppy edges and strong bold lines will look hot. You can do fringe on long or mid length hair and in another variation it can be brought forward to fall over the eye.

Layers, perhaps, are the most popular among fashionable ladies of different ages. You can create layers at any height and if you have thick hair you can create more layers on your hair. Choose the length of the hair and create layers upon it. In summer short layers are women’s favorite because it adds texture and bounce to the cut. Moreover, it gives you a carefree look.

If you want to tie your hair then pony tail is the best style. Comb all the hairs on the back of your head and tie it with either rubber band or back clip. But it is very necessary to wash your hair very frequently in summer because perspiration creates bad odor in the hairs. Research shows that hair grows faster in summer and spring. For this reason thorough and frequent combing is necessary at this time.