Taking Care of Combination Skin

Combination skin is a combination of dry and oily skin. If your face is oily except but your cheeks and chin is dry than your skin is called Combination skin. Persons having combination skin have to use both types of beauty products of oily as well as dry skin.

There are some of the common ways through which you can take care of your skin. You have to use cleansers on a daily basis so as to avoid people wondering about your skin. Cleansers containing some kinds of oils would be preferable as that gives moisture to your skin with cleaning up your skin. Try and keep your skin as much clear as possible to prevent pimples happening at odd places of your face. Do not use cleansers who is having more part of perfumes or chemicals.

That could create a side effect to your skin. Be very specific about the products you choose. Once or twice a week keep a habit to treat your skin with different facials or face masks. Make sure that you use moisturising face packs on the dry part of your face only. Use clay mask in the T shape of your face where your skin is oily.

In this way you will be able to maintain both types of your skin. For dry skin you can use face packs containing lots of oil or you can use these oils directly to the dry parts. This will save your time as well as will prove more efficient. For the oily area the Mud pack or even clay mask would be the best remedy. Clay mask is easy to make as well as will remove all the dead cells from your skin.

You also have to use scrubs to remove the dead cells. It will also help in preventing your skin from pimples. The blackheads and whiteheads needs to be treated as T shape of your face will include your nose which creates maximum number of blackheads and whiteheads. It will be a hazardous and time consuming task to take care of a skin like combination one but it has to be made a part of your routine life so as to make sure the better looking you.