Tattoos The New Fashion Tag

The word tattoo has two  main derivatives, one root comes  from the Polynesian word ‘ta’, and the other springs from Italian word ‘tatau’ which means to mark something. Its age is over 5000 years.

Tattoos Wave

Tattoo was created by accident. Stories say that a man with a dirt filled hand probably soot and ashes from the fire rubbed his wound, and after a few days lapsed, a permanent imprint was found on his body thus marking the beginning of the tattoo era. In fact the more sophisticated tattoo only implies one’s urge to be with times.

Tatto Designs For Men

The ‘tribal tiger’ tattoo design is one of the most popular tattoo designs for men. It symbolizes men with its unique qualities of bravery, competitive zeal, vitality ,high power potency and even viewed as a reflector of one’s personality .Wearing a ‘tribal tiger’ tattoo gives an adornment to men folk hitherto unknown.

Men prefer it to mark it on chest, back and arms. Most recent tattoos that are in the man’s crave chart list are “gymnast”, “,spinal piece”, phoenix” “dragon” “taino corqui”.

Some tribal tattoos like “tribal wings, “tribal wolf”, “taino sleeve tattoos”  “fire dragon” has struck the chord of the gorgeous men folk . , Geisha tattoo is still the very demanding one. The “fire dragon” ,is a symbol of prosperity, and “geisha tattoo” is a symbol of undiscovered mystery.

Japanese and Native American tattoos are also very popular. Cross, Angel, Pin up girl have also been the crave of many a man . Getting a tattoo  of his girlfriend, or his wife, will always be among the most desired in the man’s chart list.

Tattoo inculcating skeletal parts also implies” remember you must die one day ” also gives the suggestion that life is so transient ,so it has to be cherished precisely.

Indian men also prefer religious tattoos like “Aum tattoos, Brahma tattoos, Ganesha tattoos, which are available in black and white version. Celtic  cross tattoos are worn by men who want to show their deep religious s fervour.These are versions of art from the viewpoint of spirituality.

Tattoo Culture

It is the premiere destination for renowned artists all over the world. Studio owner Chris Budd will be honored to see many more visitors thronging this place. He again boasts himself saying that the most congenial atmosphere for the flowering of one’s talent literally can be found here.

Tattoo Status

The cultural status of tattoo has evolved from an antisocial activity in 1960’s  to a state of fashionable statement in 1990’s.Gradually a broad spectrum of society came to accept it though in earlier days it was just a butt of criticism.

Today’s tattoos are seen widely in use by rock stars,professional artists, cinema actors and even by cultural transformers who want to make an impact in the society.

Using advanced electrical needles and pigments filled with latest design have also provided the artists with a wide range of aesthetic possibilities .Today tattoo is being recognized as the sixth fastest growing retail business inUnited States.

Tattoo came to be recognized as both an art form and a profession, and tattoo related work is the pride of museums , art galleries  educational art institutions nationwide and even internationally.