Teenage Skin Care Tips

Everyone desires to enter in that most wonderful and fantasy-filled age of lifetime – the teen (from the age of 13 (thirTEEN) to 19 (nineTEEN)). But with all the enjoyment, trills and life-memorable moments of life than the teen age brings, it also brings with it lots of hassles.

Most prominent ones are the hassles with skin—acne, oiliness, hormonal changes, mood swings, etc. Out of all these, the most troublesome is the acne that prevents you from looking deadly beautiful in those most-loving years of your life.

Acne occur due to the hormonal changes that take place in your body while you enter the teenage from the childage. Although getting rid of this horrible problem is a proper course of medication from a dermatologist, few easy face-caring tips can make you keep them away. With a proper skin care, you can help and prevent acne breakouts and have a clear, shiny skin.

Follow the mentioned skin care routine regularly to see positive change in the face acne that erupt on your face and look fresh and youthful.

To have an acne-free skin, it is important to wash your face a couple of times in a day. Washing your face many times in a day helps remove excess oil that deposits on your face, resulting in acne development on your face. Don’t use soap everytime you wash your face. The harshness in the soap removes the natural oil from your face, which is harmful. Make use of a mild cleanser; however, use it twice a day and other times, wash your face with just plain water.

Do not make overuse of scrubs while cleaning your face. Scrubs when rubbed tough on the face make the pores open and become large. As a result, dirt and oil easily deposits in these pores, making them turn to acne in due course of time.

Make use of a skin toner to tone and restore the natural oils and PH balance of your face, preventing acne and bacteria from growing. For an acne-prone skin, a toner that does not contain high levels of alcohol is a good one because it will not remove the natural oils from your face.

Make use a mild moisturizer with less of cream/oil base to protect you from the sun.

Do not touch your face again and again if it is acne-prone.


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