Tell Tale Signs When To End A Relationship

Relationships are meant to be satisfying but when they are not so you are better off being alone than being with someone who just isn’t right for you. It doesn’t mean that you leave your partner the moment you have an argument because any relationships comes with its share of arguments. But there are some sure shot signs when you know that it is time to end your relationship.

Given Below Are Some Signs That Tell You To Call It Quits

If You Are Physically/Mentally Abused

Physical and mental battering should never be acceptable. And keep in mind that an abusive person never changes. So if you are subjected to this and he apologizes each time, put an end to this to this cycle. Continuous abuse not only bruises you physically but also scars your self esteem.

If He’s Not There When You Need Him

When someone is not there when you need him the most, it shows that they are not willing to invest in the relationship emotionally. For example if you had a really bad day and want to talk about it or have lost a dear friend and need a shoulder to cry on, he should be available. Whether he’s plain insensitive or just doesn’t want to be involved, it’s time to pull the plug on this relationship.

There’s Too Much “Space”-

If somebody constantly asks for space in the relationship it means that they don’t want to share their life with you. It just means that they will soon seek greener pastures and are just hanging around with you in the meantime. You obviously deserve someone better, so call off his bluff and end the relationship.

You never get to see him-

If he constantly stands you up or doesn’t call you up, or disappears on days on end then there must be something amiss. If he’s interested in you then he would be interested in spending as much time with you as possible and want to hear your voice. If not then he’s probably seeing someone else.

He Keeps You Out Of His Life

If there are too many secrets in a relationship then it becomes complicated. There are obviously some things that we may keep away from our partners but if the number of things increase then surely there’s trouble. A couple is supposed to share and if he consciously keeps you away from his life, family, work etc then it’s time to end the relationship.

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When You Can’t Have Independent Thoughts Or Choices

If you are constantly being dominated and dictated then your self esteem goes for a toss and you feel like a zombie who’s just following orders. You should be able to voice your own thoughts or be able to take independent decisions.

It might be even trivial issue like whether you would like to have a sandwich or a burger and he orders what you should be having and this becomes the norm. Take the plunge and put an end to the relationship before you forget yourself.

When There’s No Passion

You might be great friends but if there’s no intimacy or lately there’s an absence of it then try to analyze the relationship. Great sex may not define your relationship but it is an important factor when it comes to sustaining one.

When You Are Completely Different People

It is true that opposites attract but there has to be certain similarities for a relationship to work. If you love being at parties and he loves sitting at home, sooner or later there will be a rift.

On the other hand if you have similar tastes in movies or books music, it becomes easier to spend time doing things together and thus bonding. But if both of you are forever living separate lives then put a stop to the relationship.

When He Cheats On You

If somebody cheats on you, he is obviously abusing your trust and chances are that if you forgive him he might repeat it. Normally it has been proven that if people believe that they can get away with something they would do it again. So don’t take a chance (once is enough) and do away with the relationship.

When He Does Something Terrible

In the extreme case that he does something which is outright wrong then obviously it’s time to dump him. This may range from cheating on you, or abusing your family or committing a crime, whatever it is, it means that the relationship is not worth investing in. You’ll be much better off without him.

When You Constantly Argue Over The Same Things

Everyone argues in a relationship. But if of late the frequency and the bitterness has increased then probably there’s something wrong. You can try seeing a marriage counselor to see if you can settle arguments more constructively but if you still follow the same pattern then you should think of cutting off the marital cord.

When He Hasn’t Yet Expressed His Feelings For You

Normally people would want to express their feeling for one another at the first chance that they get if they are really in love with someone. But if considerable time has passed and he’s still not expressed his love for you then he’s just not that into you.

You Don’t Feel Any Love For Him

You obviously start a relationship being madly in love with each other. The little things about each other make you smile. There’s always an eagerness to sit and talk and spend time and intimate moments.

If this isn’t true any longer it just might be that the love has gone from your lives. Try and think it out, you may have to end the stagnant relationship.

So if your partner or your relationship is showing one or more of the above signs then it’s time to end your relationship. It’s never easy to be brave enough to end a relationship but being caught in a bad one is just preventing you from getting into a really good relationship.

Also never believe that you are not good enough for anything better because that is just your insecurities speaking. And sooner or later the negativity of your relation will manifest itself in your other relations, your work, your life etc. So pull up your chin, take a deep breath and learn to say no when the time comes.

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