Ten Signs That Show Your Relationship Might Break

Maintaining a relationship needs a lot of energy and patience. On the start of a relation, things look very simple and often there is no room for disagreement. But with time and due to circumstances, love often takes a backseat and the only thing that two people think is the breakup. To be very specific, breakups don’t happen of a sudden.

There are many things that are involved when a couple breaks up. Have you ever thought that why relations break and how you can identify the cracks in the relationship? There are some simple signals that might tell or imply that your relation is on the rocks. Take a look on some of the essential signs that can trigger a breakup.

Lack Of Communication:

If you and your partner are not talking or communicating with each other regularly, there might be reasons to worry. When two people are in love and want to be in each other’s company, the urge to stay in contact comes naturally. When two people don’t take the initiative to talk to each other or don’t have the time for togetherness, it can be a sign that the relation is nearing to its end.

Aggressive Behavior:

There are cases when two people tend to argue on the pettiest of issues. This is not because they have a valid point but because they can’t tolerate each other anymore.

If you find yourself yelling at your partner for every disagreement, you probably want a break in the relation. You need to know what you want from the other person and like many people; you too might realize that you have just lost the urge to hold on to a dying relation.

Fighting Often And With Abusive Language:

Respect is the back wall of a relationship and when two people break the same, the relation is probably dying. When two people fight without any important reason, it simply means that they can’t tolerate each other anymore.

If you truly love someone, you cannot ever have the heart to abuse the other person. Abusing and using slang is something that comes out as a burst of frustration and poor level of respect.

Lack Of Couple Time:

When love takes an important leap in someone’s life, the only thing that comes to mind is being with the loved one. But often, the excitement and desires to make efforts vanishes for many reasons.

If you and your lover are no longer spending time together and are too busy to make time from each other, you are heading towards breakup. Sometimes simple dates on the pool side or just watching TV together are signs that two people are still connected. Just when the daily romance is gone from a relation, you need to get alarmed that something is wrong.

Lack of Physical Intimacy

The first sign of a breaking relationship is the lack of interest in sex. If your partner has been avoiding getting close to you, consider the things that might have gone wrong.

Physical intimacy is the most common human instinct in love. If you like and love someone, you will naturally get the urge to get intimate and feel the pleasure in the closest manner. Couples who lose interest in sex are the ones, who have had it all and may soon part ways,

Physical Abusing:

The utmost lowest level a couple can go in a relation is the space where they start abusing each other physically. Mostly women are victims in such cases and they often complain that their men restore to physical hurting whenever there is a fight.

This simply means that the relation has touched the dust and it is best that it ends at the earliest. No matter how much you love a person, getting abused physically is never justified.

Cheating And Keeping Secrets:

If either of you or your partner tries to find pleasure with other men and women outside the relation, it is a clear sign that the relation has reached the level where the two people cannot see a future together. It may sound rude, but once a cheater, always a liar. Cheating is the cheapest crime in love and no apology can ever change the truth.

No Future Plans:

Have you recently talked to your lover about future plans? Or you are the one who doesn’t want to talk about tomorrow? When two people fall in love, the first thing they dream is about is being together forever.

When visions of future get translucent, the relation is probably not going in the right direction. Try to see the reasons why you or your partner us running away from a future commitment and you will clearly know if the love is going to end.

Lack Of Public Appearances And Cold Vibes:

The way a person behaves with his lover in public is an indicator of his/her level of commitment. This however doesn’t mean that your partner has to always kiss or hug you in front of everyone but in case there is a change in the behavior pattern of your lover, you might have reasons to doubt the intentions.

Love is best judged when good vibes are shared between the couple in public. Avoiding public appearances is a clear indication that something is wrong somewhere.

Long Lasting Misunderstandings:

There are many couples who take days to resolve an argument or fight. This shows the ‘love lost’ syndrome quite clearly. If you or your partner need a long time to make attempts to make reconciliation, then either you have lost love in the relation or just have the guts to stay away from someone whom you loved dearly once.

Relations are like crystals and even the smallest of cracks in the wrong place can cause them to break. Do not ignore any of these above mentioned facts about relation woes and make your own efforts to make the best things last in your life. It is better to hold on to a right person rather than searching for a new one.

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