Ten Types of Men To Avoid For Dating

Many people say that falling for the wrong guys helps in ultimately finding the ‘Mr. Perfect’. But can you really risk yourself to wrong men? Falling for someone is a natural process and women often find it very hard to stop the development of emotions within themselves.

Studies show that girls are more inclined towards marriage at the start of the relation than guys. To know more about men and their inner wishes and desires, you need to categorize them in groups. Listed below are essential few categories of men that women should avoid dating at all costs.

The guy who always borrows:

Every time a man asks you out for dinner, he is the one who is expected to pay. You can afford to pick up the dinner bills once in a blue moon but not on every occasions. Men who constantly ask for favors in cash are sick morons and as a girl, you should just avoid them at the earliest.

A man, who knows his pocket and has the minimum self-respect, will never ever promise big and nor will he plan for lavish dates. Not being in the upper scale of the society is not a fault but he should know small ways to please a woman.

Whenever you come across someone who is constantly ogling at your wallet, you know it’s the time to move on without any looking back.

The guy who is a workaholic

Being professional is completely different from being a workaholic. There is a class of men who love working round the clock and dating such men might turn out to be a disaster.  A man is worth dating when he knows how to balance his professional life with his personal life.

Try to find out about his working patterns in the initial meetings and you have the answer to your dating question. Such men might never cheat on you but his work will keep coming in your relation and you will end up being just an extra in his life.

The guy who once cheated

If you know someone who has cheated on his girlfriends before, give up the idea of dating him. Staying faithful in a relation is the key to bliss and success. Any man, who couldn’t remain honest with someone else, might repeat the same story with you as well.

Exceptions are always there but why take a risk?  Dating a man with a cheating record is like taking chances on a poker game where you may or may not win. Think twice before you give a man a second chance.

The guy who starts getting clingy

When a guy calls you endlessly just after you have exchanged numbers, you know that he is clingy and not worth dating. Guys, who try to be extremely close to you all the time, are desperate souls trying to gain attention.

Such men end up being a satellite in your life, always trying to monitor and regulate your daily schedule. You just have two options, either to stay away from these creepy men or date them from a distance.

The guy who just wants to touch:

As a girl, the first thing that you must avoid in relation is getting physical very early. A man and his intuitions can be easily judged from his gestures at the initial meetings. Stop dating someone who keeps laying his hands on you for silly reasons.

Being too much touchy just implies that he wants you in his bed and is trying very hard to make you understand his intentions. Maintain your distance from such men and do not get tangled in cheap flirting tricks.

The guy who is over-possessive and insecure:

Girls love men who are protective and caring. But often many men cross the thin line that exists between possessiveness and protectiveness. When you start being with someone casually, check his attitude towards you.

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A man is insecure when he becomes restless for petty reasons and keeps doubting your intentions in one way or the other. Dating such men is best avoided as they can drive you crazy in future and become even more difficult to tackle.

The guy who doesn’t love his family:

In the world of nuclear families, try to find a man who knows the value of family ties. A man, who doesn’t know how to respect his parents, will never ever be a good husband or lover. If you try to evaluate a man with his views on families, relations and kids, you will never fail in your judgments.

The guy who loves extreme dark fun:

An old proverb says that the forbidden fruit always looks tasty and tempting. Men who love doing dark and thrilling things always fascinate girls as they give the high edgy life that often a mediocre guy would not think of. But can you really date such men for a long time?

Marking a few exceptions, the answer is probably negative. No matter how much fun ride you would like to have, you will always want to settle down with someone who gives you stable life. Being friends with crazy guys is not bad but dating is something that must happen after a lot of consideration.

The guy who is not focused:

Indeed it is true that money is not everything but the need of a stabilized professional life cannot be ignored. Always avoid guys who love to live the life of a parasite and have no ambitions in life.

Your man must know the values of being settled in life and also direct you towards your own. Only when two people see a future together, they can make their cherished dreams come true.

When you are choosing someone to date, you are also depicting your own judgmental qualities. As a girl, you can use your own intuitions and some of the facts stated above to find a man who knows the value of love and will care for you in his own special way.

Do not rush in the quest of searching love and take your time before you make the decision of settling down.

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