Ten Ways To Know She Loves You

Weather and women are the two most unpredictable things in life. Even the greatest men on earth have declared that women have the deepest of secrets in their hearts which cannot be understood by any living man on earth. As created by the great God himself, women are shy and hidden.

This creation of God is the most undiscovered creature on earth. They do not expose out into the world, neither themselves, nor their feelings. They cocoon themselves sheltering their innermost emotions from all the eyes around her. Therefore knowing what lies in the heart of that girl who has been your crush forever, is a very difficult job indeed.

What’s Your Condition?

Are you in a similar situation? Are you in love with your classmate? Or is she that beautiful neighbor who lives just one block away from you? Are you too scared to propose to her? And still want to know whether she feels the same way for you? Seems like a tough job isn’t it? Well, it is a tough job indeed.

Getting to know whether a girl loves you without approaching her means you have to read her signs. Yes, no matter how protected a girl keep herself, if she feels for you she will surely show some signs. Your only way to know her feelings is to read these signs properly.

Know Her Feelings

To follow her signs, you should be her friend first. And if you are still not a friend, then approach her for friendship first. Become a close friend of hers. This will help you to know her, and her feelings in a better way.

Here are a few tips which will surely be of great help to you. These will guide you to confirm her feelings for you. If she behaves in the following ways, then you can hope that she is also holding the same feeling of love that you hold for her.

Her Interest In You

If a girl loves you she will surely show a lot of interest in you. She will be very much bothered about everything regarding you. Her interests will be more to know about your life. If she asks questions like “how did you spend your day” or “did you have your meal” or “how do you spend your time in leisure” or ”who do you have in your family” then she surely holds a lot of interest in you.

Calls without a Particular Reason

This is a very strong sign to know whether she really loves you. If you get a call from that girl where she discusses her work in the first 5 minutes and talks to you for the next thirty minutes, then she has surely fallen for you.

Her desire to talk to you by giving the reason of some work shows that she surely loves you. She just needed a reason to talk; her main interest was to hear your voice.

Her Eyes Do the Talking

Girls or women are very expressive through their eyes. Their emotions are clearly visible through their eyes. If that girl looks happy just by seeing you, or if your presence always keeps a dazzling smile on her face, then her feelings for you are deep and strong. Her eyes are telling the tale of your love, be prepared to read them with care.

You Are Her Friend and Guide

If she feels for you, then she will depend on you for sharing her feelings. You will be the only person to whom she shares her feelings and emotions. She is very much dependant on you for solutions to her problems. She will share her deepest secrets with you and you only. You will be the first person to know the reason for her bad mood.

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You’re Happiness Matters to Her

Making you happy will suddenly become very important for her as your smile will be a true relief for her. If you see that she tries to make you happy no matter what then be sure about her feelings for you. If you wouldn’t be special for her then she won’t make efforts to make you happy.

Compromise Comes From Her

The feeling of love in a person bends him or her to make some compromises. If that girl is ready to compromise something for you, then it proves that she is madly in love with you. She will walk halfway to meet you if you can’t turn up for some reason. This compromise is a true proof.

Dressing Up For you

A very special action never fails to prove the love. If a girl never takes care of her, and suddenly starts dressing up properly, especially to look good in your presence, then she does this out of love. The feeling that she has for you is expressed in this way.

Quality Time Spent With You

The girl who loves you will always want to spend time with you. Even if she doesn’t show it, she will try to get reasons for meeting you and spending some time with you. The desire in her heart to be with you proves that she loves you very much.

She Becomes Possessive

If a girl has fallen for you then she tends to feel very possessive about you. You’re too much association with any other girl or treating some other girl in the same way that you treat her will make her angry. This is the biggest proof of her love for you. When we love someone that is when we feel possessive about him or her.

Her Eyes Search For You

This is the final test for your girl. In a particular condition if your dashing friend interferes in between you and she turns away without staring, it is a very good sign. If a very handsome guy enters the room and her eyes are still searching for you, then she has become totally yours.

Test and notice the signs shown by your girl and know her feelings in a better way. Is she ready to be yours or she is still not that into you, finding that out is your duty. And whether she will be yours or not, well, that’s your luck.

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