The Best Ways Of Communication In A Relationship

Relationship and conflicts hold hands in life. The stronger is the bond in a relation the more conflicts are found. But no one prefers a conflict as a long term or a regular one can end up in having disgust for each other leading to breakups.

Each time you have a fight with your partner, you think that later that you would try not to do the same from the next time. Well, but it doesn’t turn out to be so.

What you actually need to do is, figure out what can be the major reason that leads to a conflict out of a serious talk. A lot of things will be on the queue when you rethink on this. It may be lack of time that you have for each other, or may be some misunderstandings that were left unsorted.

A couple of things get drawn from these, one- the bond between you will strengthen because you realize your fault or consider your spouse and start over again; the second thing which can happen is that a distance will develop between you and your partner. As a matter of fact, the latter is becoming more common nowadays.

But by this you will only, lose your love. This isn’t the thing you exactly want. So, try to stop a bit and think for a moment, you will simply find your love back by sorting things out. The only thing that can help is a significantly skilled communication. It is here where the major gap is and which you need to fill.

Significance of Communication In A Relationship

This is may be the most important thing in a relation. You just need to know the right thing to say and the right time to say. Moreover you need to be considerate towards your spouse. Always remember that your partner is the one you love, so don’t be afraid to confess your faults and neither have too much of ego to be the first to approach. Keep in mind that it’s not a debate that you have to win, get into soft understandings and love each other the most.

Here Are Some Basic Etiquettes Of A Good Communication

Focusing on The Present

What you need to be aware is that while having some arguments or things, do not bring in past issues as this can only add on to the problem. Try to sort things out and not confuse the situation much more. You should remember that your concern is not to hurt your beloved but to solve the issue and continue a happy life. Thus, bringing in, problems of the past can create more gaps.

A Careful And Patient Listening Is Needed

Here lies another important thing that people often forget. You should be patient enough to listen to what your partner is saying; what is generally done is that while your partner is speaking something, you keep on throwing defensive lines or otherwise think about what you will be saying next. This is not done. To clear out things you will have to listen and your patience hearing will make your partner realize to do the same.

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Seeing From Your Partner’s Point Of View

This is yet another important aspect. You may have your points and views but in order to understand your partner well, and to figure out what exactly is meant, you will have to modify your point of view, at least for the time. In a situation like this, everyone wants to be understood.

So if you continue to put efforts to make your partner see through your point then you will never be able to do the same. So, better you invest some time for viewing from the other side.

Have Empathy Towards Criticism

Whenever you face criticism, the only thing that comes to your mind is defense. You never give it a second thought. Well, I know, it is hard enough to listen quietly, your own criticism with empathy. But a bit more patience can work things well. After all it is your loved one who is complaining, so it never matters if you bow down a little and hear.

No Abuses

It’s a really bad thing to throw abusive comment while you are having this conflict thing. You should be careful enough to never make any such comments. Abusive tones and all can make your partner feel that you no longer have the same feeling of love. This hurts a lot.

Such things can cause a permanent gap which you will later regret. Moreover, if you have complains against your partner, never use the ‘you’ tone; an ‘I’ tone is much better. If you do not like anything of your partner then never say that ‘you did this’, say ‘I did not like this’. This will make your partner see from your point, which can help.


It’s good that you come down to compromises and not keep on repeating the discussions of clashes. It’s good if you get what I mean and better if you can keep this in mind.There shouldn’t be any feeling of winning or losing, as this no office of yours.

A relation always needs delicacy and if you deal things harshly then nothing will work in your relation. Flush off your ego and competence of winning at least for your partner.

Loving Your Love

Nothing can be better, a bit of holding hands, or a flying kiss when your partner is offended with you are the wands to a successful relation. When you love is not in the correct mood and is a bit disgusted with life, a light hug and an ‘I love you’ are the best things.

You can sort every problem, may it be with you or due to someone else, and you can always express your love to work on. If you have to say something to your partner can be hurting, preferably choose a good mood and a lot of patience to deal with it.

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