The Earthshaking Facts About Sewing Mannequins

Dressmaking was initially a part of fashion. In earlier days, professional dressmakers used to create fashion and make dresses for more production and marketing. These got hyped up when the concept of mannequin designing came into the forefront.

Mannequins started being the model for the dressmakers. They started designing dresses and mannequins simultaneously to give a trial to their creations. Gradually these mannequins became an important part of dress marketing.

People started loving the concept of getting the perfect view of the dress when it would be worn. This was naturally applied all over the world since it gave a huge financial return as well. “Dressmakers dummy” started becoming very popular among the professionals and it became a necessity for all individuals who were engaged in some serious sewing at their home.

A Brief Description Of A Sewing Mannequin

A sewing mannequin is a dress form. These give an idea to the designer as to how exactly the dress’s attributes are near to perfect. In other words a sewing mannequin helps the designer rate his own creation. Sewing mannequins can be quite expensive if you go for a purchase.

Sewing Mannequin

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If you can still manage to get one, there is no guarantee to the fact that this mannequin will suit your size and measurements. Another simple alternative is to go for a self made mannequin. This will be customized according to your shapes and measurements. This is a very innovative and inexpensive ways to complete your wish of a mannequin.

These are especially very helpful when you are working with your own project. Another place where self made mannequins are used is in a film shooting or a theatre, where the actors are not always there for trials.

Mannequins And Its Types

Mannequins can be categorized according to certain criterion. You would have noticed that the mannequins present at different stores with clothes to display on them. These mannequins are with hands and legs made in them.

A dressmaker’s dummy is another kind of mannequin where only the body is present. There are no limbs made for this type of a doll. Only the trunk is present with these mannequins.

Mannequins And Its Types

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The main reason behind this is that the dressmaker’s dress designs are not always limited between particular ranges. There can be skirts, tops, pants and various other kinds of dresses.

He has to try on with all types of these. So, it is very helpful for him to have the limbs out of these mannequins. More beautiful is the fact that a dressmaker can sense and feel the exact beauty of the dress on such a virtual model.

Create Your Own Mannequins

The best method to determine mannequins’ fittings is to get the idea of the perfect suiting and dress style for you. The easiest and most affordable method is to get a mannequin built for you. Homemade dummies are very easy to make. You would just require some duct tapes for this purpose.

The ducts are wrapped around the person whose dummy is being made. Now the person is fully covered in the duct tapes. Next you need to apply foam on it. Before applying the foam and mounting it, make sure that the extra pieces are cut off.

Create Your Own Mannequins

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Keep a very sturdy platform to keep this newly created dummy. Pinning on this dummy can be quite messy and flimsy. It will be a hard job to do this. These are not adjustable according to various requirements.

Another form of manually created dummy is the factory made ones. These have the adjusting feature in them. These are normally quite cheaper in rate and therefore they are quite affordable by the general mass.

Moreover, these are made of plastic and are adjustable to fit the size of more than one individual. These have one great disadvantage though. They are extremely light as compared to the duct made, and therefore they have a tendency to bend down. These are normally kept upright by putting on weights.

The Most Important Points Of To Keep In Mind While Mannequin Designing

Size is one of the biggest criterions. Dresses may come up in various sizes and in different shapes for men women and children. Dress forms always try to give the best fit for a particular item or dress. The person who wears the dress and the dress form must be of the same size in order to measure the perfect fit.

If the dress does not fit in exactly or the dress is getting loosened at some place then the designer will try and pin in any alterations needed. So the dummy must keep this option open. Alterations are always required more so often.

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Fashion designers take the dress form as the idol and construct their pieces taking idea from these dolls. They pin up the cloth pieces and then cut the cloth according to the mannequin’s shape and size.

Draping is an important part that is implemented on the mannequin. Draping gives an idea to the designer about the look and feel after the dress is finally worn.

More On Mannequins

You have the opportunity to grab some of the finest quality mannequins at low and affordable costs from the various outlets where dressmaking is done. They are also available at the crafts retail shops. Even the internet is good source of marketing products nowadays.

So, you can order your dummy over the internet too. Several products out of these are heavy at times. So, shipping charges may be applied during delivery. It will be helpful for you if you calculate shipping charges and find out the best services. One of the major things you need to keep in mind is that how good your choice is being.


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Even though a lot of people might think that getting the cheapest material for the initial work is best but, you must also make sure that your new product gives a good service at the time of need. Think it to be a good and fruitful investment that can give you some good quality service in return, save your time and last longer.

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