The Impact Of Successful Marriage On Family Relations

Marriages are said to be made in heaven. We decide to marry when a boy and a girl are willing to accept each other’s responsibility and agree to spend the rest of their lives together as one family.

The love between the couples acts as a catalyst in making them understand and care for each other’s feelings, actions and responsibilities. However, for a marriage to be successful, both the husband and the wife need to realize each other’s importance in the family.

When you love somebody, it is natural to accept him with all his good and bad qualities. Marriage councilors emphasize that the key to a successful and stable marriage is when both the husband and a wife are willing to listen as well as understand each other’s emotions and needs.

Honesty is one of the most important qualities required for a successful marriage. When the husband and wife are honest to each other, only then will the feeling of togetherness will exist. Couples should not demand any unrealistic expectations from each other.

Arguments often start when one partner begins to develop negative feelings for the other and starts to compare their marriage with other couples. A marriage to be made successful, both partners need to understand and adjust their needs depending upon the situations.

Marriage Is The Binding of Two Families

Marriage is a social binding of not only two individuals but also their families. Both the partners need to accept and adjust themselves to the values and norms of their existing families. In today‘s world, nuclear families are more common than joint families.

Some families are nuclear because the couples are forced to live in a different city away from their parents because of their work. Certain families prefer to remain nuclear because the partners have not been able to adjust their expectations with the other members of the family.

In a joint family, both the partners need to realize the importance of their family ties. They need to understand the sentiments of all their family members and adjust their needs according to other’s requirements. This bond of togetherness can only be enhanced if all the family members share mutual feelings of love and concern.

Successful Marriage Is A Key To Good Health

A successful marriage makes a house a home. The comfort and care of an understanding partner will definitely help us to reduce our everyday stress. Several research studies have proved that couples who are happily married tend to suffer less from health problems.

Heart diseases, high blood pressure, mental depressions are mainly caused when is someone is unhappy and stressed in their own personal lives. Mutual understanding and trust between the couples would enable them to resolve any sort of conflict together.

How Successful Marriages Help In Good Parenting

To make a marriage successful, efforts are required to be made from both the husband and the wife. Small gestures of care and concern help to strengthen the bond of togetherness between them. When the relationship between the husband and the wife is based on mutual love, care and understanding, this feeling of respect is found to be generated among their children.

Children learn their values from their parents. Family ties will strengthen only when all the family members learn to love and respect each other’s emotions. The joys of a happy marriage are to have caring, respectful children who grow into responsible and matured adults.

Most parents contradict each other on matters related to how they should parent their child. Frequent arguments between parents make a child feel lonely and he starts developing a feeling of detachment from the family.

Parents should avoid expressing any sort of negative feelings towards each other in front of their children. Family councilors believe that parents often tend to forget the arguments which they had with each other, but it is their children who are unable to cope with this stress.

Psychological disorders are most common among children from unhappy families. When a parent is unhappy in her marriage, her stress and pain is felt by her children. A parent might not share her troubles with her child, but she cannot hide them for her children.

When a child understands that his parents are unhappy and he is unable to help them, he feels helpless and depressed. Depression hampers the mental development of a child. Researchers have proved that children from divorced families tend to be more aggressive in nature.

In successful marriages, the couples enjoy spending time with each other. They often plan family holidays which allow the family members to rediscover their emotional needs. Children learn the importance and necessity of a family life from their parents.

A family becomes complete with their children. The certain level of closeness and intimacy developed between the spouses over the period of time acts as a guiding force in parenting their child. Spouses who are contended with the conditions of their current lifestyles are able to teach, guide and train their child successfully. Parents act as role models for their child.

When a child notices that his parent is willing to accept their faults when they are wrong and apologize for the same, he begins to learn these traits from them. A parent’s behavior plays an important role in molding the behavior of his child.

A parent should never speak in abusive language, voice negative feelings or display aggressive behavior in front of their child.  The nature of care and concern which his parents show towards his grandparents, guide the child in shaping his love and concern for his family members.


Commitment between the spouses is essential for a successful marriage. The faith and trust which the spouses have for each other help them to resolve any sort of conflict.

Commitment encourages a feeling of trust and protection between the spouses.When the parents feel comfortable and relaxed in each other’s presence, then only will they be able to generate this sense of security within the other members of their family. Parents, who are successful in building a strong foundation for their homes, find it easier to discipline and guide their children.

A person’s behavior towards his peers and society is shaped by his family values. He is recognized in society by his family name. Parents should remember that their children are a reflection of their behavior. It is important to make a house a home; otherwise the bond of trust and togetherness will not exist within their family members.

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