The Little White Dress – How to Wear it Right

The little white dress is the next sensation and it is becoming as popular as its counterpart the little black dress. However they are poles apart when it comes to accessorizing the outfits. While the black dress is a classic and has been around for 4 decades women have learnt to accessorize them.

The white dress on the other hand is a new trend and women may take some time to get used to it and learn how to accessorize it to make it work for them. Here we have a few helpful hints that will make your little white dress stand out and make you look stunning.

One of the simplest ways to accessorize a white dress is to wear a stack of bangles in your hands. You could also try the look with a few pairs of matching bracelets in both hands. Don’t worry about the size, color or the texture of the bangles. You can go all out with the. Simply wear them in large numbers for a dramatic look.

If you are wearing the outfit to a formal event or to the office then adorning a black jacket or a blazer will give you a perfect look. A dark leather jacket in crisp tones looks perfect under the softness of the white dress. It’s a perfect blend of femininity with an edge.

If you are wearing an outfit is sparkling white then you can accessorize with metallic undertones. This means that you wear either silver or gold accessories. Metallic shoes, jewels, clutches and bags are some of the accessories to play around with. Alternatively you could also use metallic blue or pink to complete the look. Maintain the look with a single metallic color.

White never looked better than with accessories in tan. If you are wearing a white sheath dress or a shirt dress then pair it with a tan leather belt. It looks perfect. You could also war tan shoes and carry a huge hobo in tan. When you combine white with tan you get a casual yet natural appeal and look.

Jennifer Lopez wore a white dress with high heel shoes and the media loved it. Trust me, if you go for this look you will make heads turn. Wear a short white dress with the highest heels that you can walk in.

Other accessories that make a white dress look hot is a pair of long earrings, a bright colored clutch, a scarf worn around the neck and long chains around your neck.


  • Janice

    I’m attending a wedding dinner end of the year and have bought one totally white short dress for the dinner. Just after that, i get to know that its a “MUST NOT” to wear white dress to wedding dinner because its compete with the bride! But i’ve bought the white dress. So, i’m thinking if I could just add some accessory to the dress so it won’t be totally white. But I’m not sure how to accessorize the white dress white the right way and not too heavy in it, could you give me some hand and advice?