The Right Hand Bag for Your Travel Needs

I believe that when you are travelling you need to be comfortable. This can only be achieved if you travel light and pack well. Women are normally in a dilemma as they feel the urge to pack their entire closets when they travel.

This is not necessary unless you are relocating. Here are a few tips to help you out of your worry and help you to get organized.

Start by understanding your travel needs. If you are travelling by air then you have the luxury of carrying your handbag plus an extra carry on. This means that you have 2 bags that you can have with you on board. So, what do you carry with you? This is the easy part.

Start with the basic things that you need. When you are travelling by air you don’t need to carry a blanket or a pillow as the airline will provide this to you, so you can delete this from your list. However, if you are like me and you detest germs then pack an inflatable air pillow and a small blanket with you for a long flight.

Your handbag needs to be big enough to carry other essentials too. This would include reading material. You can choose to make a purchase at the airport however I strongly recommend that you pick up a book from your personal collection since you may not get something worthwhile at the airport.

While you are travelling you will also need to carry a change of a shirt or an entire outfit; this is essential incase you have an accident. Also, you don’t want to get out of the aircraft looking like a bag lady that has been ruffed up n her journey.

Your handbag also needs to contain basic makeup like your foundation, a powder, your comb and a lip gloss or lip tint. You can touch up your make up over the course of your flight or simply wear it just before you are about to land.

Women need to carry extra sanitary pads with them when they are on flight as altitude may have an impact on them. You can also carry a pair of ear plugs to cancel the noise and a pair of extra socks to help keep you warm when you are travelling.

So here you go, now you have a list of all the essentials that you need to carry with you when you travel. You can choose your handbag appropriately with these handy tips.