The Shirt Dress – How to Dress in Up or Down

The shirt dress is a blessing to those who don’t have to wear formal outfits to the office everyday. As an added bonus the outfit can be worn to several other events too thanks to its casual look. The shirt dress is a longer version on a shirt, buttoned from up to down and may or may not have a belt.

The dress is a perfect outfit to wear during the warm days in summer. You will get in on this trend at some point in time or the other this season so get yourself updated on the latest trends on how to wear the outfit and how to accessorize it.

Shirt dresses are available in monotones and prints. Each style has its own way to accessorize and wear it. Before you get into the dress you need to decide on the look that you want to style. If you want to wear this outfit for a lunch date with your friends or with your office mates then you could wear the dress to portray a casual look.

For this look you can wear the dress with a scarf around your neck or waist and a pair of kitten heels and you are ready with a casual look. You can also wear a pair of tennis shoes for an absolutely dressed down look.

You can wear the outfit to the office too. In order to get this style you need to wear the dress with a pair of pumps or stilettos. With this outfit you will need to wear a scarf around the neck or the collar of the dress. If you want to make a bold statement at the office then you can wear a pair of contrasting shoes with this outfit else you can wear a pair of shoes in the same color as the dress.

You can continue wearing the outfit even during the winter. When the cold months arrive you can wear leggings or pantyhose stockings. A pair of boots will look fabulous on this outfit.

When you want to dress up the outfit you can wear a pair of pearls, chunky jewelry and carry trendy clutches in order to change the look of the outfit instantly.