The Various Hair Styling Products And Their Uses

Beautiful and lustrous hair is the most priced possession of any person. But due to excessive pollution and hectic lifestyle the hair gradually becomes dull and lifeless.

Various hair styling products are available these days which not only help to add instant shine to the hair but also helps to prevent hair from becoming dry. These products help to give the desired hair style easily within a very short time.

Smoothening Serum: This is very beneficial for dry and rough hair. It is also good for coloured hair which becomes rough and frizzy due to use of chemicals. This serum helps to make the hair smooth and also detangle hair and facilitate in combing and styling it. This serum has to be applied in little amount on the hair when it is slightly wet and then the hair has to be dried using a blow dryer. However the serum can also be applied on dry hair. This helps to make the hair look dazzling and impart a glow to it. Care should be taken not to over use the serum as it may make the hair look oily.

Defining Wax: This is a great styling product as it helps one to create an individual style statement. For this a little wax has to be taken and applied on the hair to style it the way one desires. This hair wax is generally preferred by men, but women with short hair can easily use it.

Volume Mousse: It is great for thin hair as it helps to add volume to the hair and make it look thick. It also helps protect the hair from pollution. It can be applied before colouring, straightening or blow drying hair to minimise their harmful effects. It also helps to add shine to the hair.

Final Fixing Spray: This spray helps to preserve the natural moisture of the hair. Due to regular exposure to sun’s harmful rays the hair becomes very dry and loses its natural moisture. When one finishes styling the hair this spray has to be applied as it will help to maintain the hairstyle intact for a good many hours.

Thermo-Active Spray: It helps to give protection to the fibres of the hair. This spray makes the hair look bright, shiny and healthy.