Thin Hair Styles – Styles That Suit Thin Hair

Men and women experience the same problems when it comes to thinning hair.
There are not many choices for thin hair styles and sometimes people find themselves choosing the not so flattering style for their hair. Here are some thin hair styles that you may consider when you go to your favorite salon.

For men who have thin hair, styles that would work best include what is called the Caesar hair style. This cut makes the hair look thicker and fuller because the hair is cropped close to the roots. Another style that would work well with thin hair is the short crew cut. This gives the impression that the hair is quite thick, but in reality they are cut very short.Having long hair is inadvisable for men with thin hair, as this style would only make your hair look thinner and more brittle than it actually is.

Women are not spared of the trouble when it comes to thin hair styles. Long hair whether straight or curly looks good when you have thick hair, but for those who have thin hair, it is best to keep it short. Chin length hair with some bangs or curls at the end of the hair on the back which shows the face more and take out the focus on the hair works great. Thin hair styles that keep the hair together will help give your hair a thicker and fuller look. If you can’t help but grow your hair long, you can choose from numerous great looking up-dos to make your hair appear thicker. Braided hair would also look good because it helps to keep hair together for that fuller look.

Ladies can also go for the bob-cut. This thin hair style can offer variety to women because it can work well with different facial structures. A bob that is cut close to the ears can make one’s hair look extremely healthy and give the impression that you have more hair than you actually have. A variation of the classic bob cut is the chop. It is easy to maintain and it also gives shape and volume to thin hair, especially when the cut is made above the shoulders.

Thin hair styles may be limited as compared to hair styles for those who have a head of thick hair, but it does not mean that you can’t look smart and classy. Look for a style that would compliment the shape of your face and look fabulous even if you have thin hair.